#bestfoot Monday Check-in!

Woo-hoo! It's Monday! Are you as excited as I am? Okay, yesterday I was mourning the end of the weekend but in all reality, today is a beautiful day! The beginning of a great week! All is wonderful in the world! And to be totally honest, I am just happy, happy, happy after an amazing training week last week. 

Here is what I did! And this week I am adding in a twist. In parenthesis after the workouts I am noting my average heart rate from my work out mainly so I can keep tabs on those numbers. Please note: If my workout is a run, plank, yoga (okay, that is everyday) but if I do all three back-to-back-to-back I keep the sensor on the whole time. One workout. One average heart rate. Now, let's go!

Monday: I ran 2 miles after work, planked, and did 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility (99). Gotta love rest days!

Tuesday: I ran 6 miles after work, planked, and did 15 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination (109). Yep, a little more running brought my average heart rate up. Makes total sense.

Wednesday: I was going to run before work but changed my mind for really good reasons. And then I overslept and could only squeeze in 1 mile run before work, my plank, and 15 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination. I didn't even put my heart rate sensor on. Too little time! Now this Wednesday I got to get up dark and early to get my run in and make it to this chat! And you realize, you can leave a comment with a question and win some samples from Clif Bar. Just saying, your odds are very good as everyone seems to shy to post a question these days! You don't even have to go to the chat to win but that increases your odds too!

Thursday: Workout day! Well, I had two doctor appointments to go to so I took a sick day and squeezed in some extra fitness. I started the day with a 5.02 mile run before taking darling daughter to school (121). I then had time to plank and do 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination - before cleaning up for my first doctor appointment (78). After my second doctor appointment I had time to squeeze in a 6.75 mile run at the gym before picking darling daughter up from school (153). Thank goodness for planning ahead and packing snacks, etc. but I should have packed more. The apple and protein drink wasn't enough!

Friday: I ran 2.79 miles at the gym before work. My legs felt tired but I think it was more a mental thing so I worked them. Gotta love running intervals to make yourself feel stronger! I followed my run up with my plank and 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility (130). Later that day after work, I ran an additional 5.05 miles at home to energize myself for the night (115). Life is good!

Saturday: I ended up running 4 miles at home, planked, and did 30 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility (108). By this point, I was keeping tabs on my total mileage since my weekly goal is 40 miles and I knew I wanted a longer run on Sunday. However, with where I was, Sunday's run wasn't going to be too long.

Sunday: I made arrangements for a friend to watch darling daughter so I could run with dear hubby. Before heading to my friends, I did my plank and 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. I didn't put my sensor on and I wanted the yoga to be gentle as I had a run to do. We did a 10.65 mile run and check out the profile below (160)! It was fun!

From Nike+
Sunday brought me to 43 miles for the week and marked day 850 of my running streak and day 120 of my yoga streak. My daily plank for #ffaprilabs has grown to 3:15. It is hard! But I do see myself continuing the planks after the April challenge. I will touch base on that in a few days when I wrap up April. 

In terms of nutrition, I am a freggie craving lady almost all the time now and that is good. Darling daughter and I stocked up on our stuff during our Costco trip this past Saturday. We should be good for a week....maybe. The banana holder has been set aside and replaced by a bowl. We eat way too many bananas for one holder! The freezer is stocked with frozen berries - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and pomegranate avrils. They are wonderful for my daily oatmeal or dear hubbies smoothies. Darling daughter loves her berries any way I give them to her! We also have oranges and grapes to grab whenever. 

And the Polar Loop data:

This post will be linked to the #bestfoot link up through Run to the Finish,The Adventures of a Darwinian Fail, and The Sweet Life with Ericka. I love this link up and each week strive to find at least one new lady to support! Jump on over and find some awesomeness and add your own!


  1. Looks like you had great week! ANd sounds like you and your hubby had a great run together on Sunday!

    1. Thanks! It was a good run with dear hubby. I wish we could do it more often.

  2. What a great week of exercise! Mine was a little light on due to a big extra load at work but I made up for the bad week with two 16k runs on the weekend.

    1. Great job! Yes, work can get in the way at times. :)

  3. Ok, your energy in starting your post to welcome Monday made my eyes bug until I saw that you were mourning the end of the weekend too. :) Congrats on your mileage and for becoming a "freggie craving lady'! #bestfoot

  4. A great week of exercise mama!!! Way to go!

  5. I like your pose! You look very impressive.



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