January and February - Gone

Looking back can be exciting and fulfilling or a wee bit hard to swallow. I finally got on the ball and seriously looked at what I did in training so far this year. Yes, I should do my monthly analysis on top of weekly analysis so feel free to kick me in the butt when I go way too long.

I am a competitive person...as least competitive with myself. I have big goals in my mind and to achieve them, I need to stay focused and work hard. Right now I question if I really did my absolute very best. Yes, I know my reasons for falling short. Work got beyond crazy and I had even more responsibility and things to do this year. That took time. Yes, I am doing yoga each day. Yes, I am benefiting from that. Yes, that takes time. When you have a full schedule like I do every minute counts. A minute given to x takes a minute away from z. I know all this. I understand all of this. But still it is hard to swallow that my miles so far this year are falling short of 2013. That I haven't really done a serious long run since the Honolulu Marathon and that kinda makes me sick to my stomach and fills me with doubt. And that is nothing new for me.

So here is where I stand. This year in January I ran 143 miles in comparison to 147 in 2013. I know, very small difference. In February I ran 124 miles in comparison to 133 miles in 2013. In a nutshell, I am a mere 13 miles behind. Almost a half marathon. Oh how I would love to run a half marathon right about now. I have the glimmer of hope that I can pull 2014 ahead of 2013 in March since last March I ran only 104 miles before really amping up my training in April. Perhaps I am a bit of the slow and steady turtle right now in training versus that crazy fast hare. Perhaps it will all be just fine and I am just needlessly shaking my head at myself.

The thing is, I do feel bummed but I also feel proud of myself and refuse to mourn the miles lost. Proud that I have run and done yoga every single day in 2014 and I will continue to do so. February 28th marked day 792 of my running streak and brought me to 3,521 streak miles. That is cool! February 28th also marked day 62 of my yoga streak. That makes me feel extra happy since darling daughter is really getting into yoga herself. She loves this stuff! I am setting a fine example of different ways to get your fitness in and she will find what works best for her.

But if I really want to see how I am doing in 2014 I need to reflect on what my goals for 2014 were. So here we go!

Goal 1: Fuel my body well. This is an ongoing mission with up's and down's but in a nutshell, I am eating much cleaner and preparing the vast majority of all of our meals. This is a good thing! We are going through fruit and veggies in my house like crazy, especially berries and bananas. And I found a power mix of greens I love at Costco. I am thinking some of that again tonight at dinner!

Goal 2: Improve my flexibility. Let's see how I am doing with this...just look below.

Not every day is a nice and loose day. I have tighter days but all in all, I am making progress! My goal was just to be able to touch my toes but now, I want more!

Goal 3: Run every day. Done. Doing. LOVE IT!

Goal 4: Be a stronger representative of Maui running. In some ways I feel I have flopped on this since I haven't shared any race reports with y'all but in other ways, I am becoming a stronger in the community just by organizing the Run for the Whales this year. I am currently working to become a certified race director too. And yes, that takes time too. Tick tock lollipop!

So how am I doing? Okay. I am happy with where I am but yes, I want more. I want more miles and I want more long runs. On the bright side, I nailed my 800 repeats on Sunday and was amazed on how well I executed them. That counts for something!

How are you doing so far this year at reaching your goals?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for Daily Mile and my online tracking log.
Daily Affirmation: I will achieve my goals!

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  1. My goals are pretty loose. I try to complete all the sessions on my program but try to not beat myself up if I miss one. I try to stretch every day and get some strength work in once or twice a week. So far I'm going great this year.


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