#bestfoot Check-in

Another week has come and gone! Do you believe it?! Me neither!

I used to do my weekly check-in's on a pretty regular basis during peak training but I would fall off track here and there. But fortunately, some lovely gals are good at keeping me at it since I do realize looking at each week critically (in a good way) really lets me see where I am going...honestly. This post will be linked to the #bestfoot link up through Run to the Finish,The Adventures of a Darwinian Fail, and The Sweet Life with Ericka. Trust me, these ladies rock!

After running 35 miles last week, my goal was to run 40 miles this week. Let's see how I did!

Monday: I ran 1.5 miles at home before work as it was Girls' Day and I wanted to spend a few more minutes with my precious darling daughter. I followed it up with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. After work I ran an additional 3 miles as I had the time before attending a class with dear hubby. 

Tuesday: I had an errand to run before picking up darling daughter from school and my timing was alloff. I got to her school early so I ran hills! Isn't that what every Mommy does? I ran 2.45 miles and somehow managed an overall pace of 8'12". Happy, happy, joy, joy! When we got home, I ran another 1.25 miles to warm my body up for yoga (do you love that excuse or what?). I did 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility - and it felt exquisite!

Wednesday: My goal was to run a longish run mid-week and it flopped but in a good way. My legs were a bit tired from the hills yesterday so I ran 4.12 miles before work. I followed it up with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Combination. This got me to thinking. I recently posted where I was in January and February and was bummed my mileage was behind. But you see, I do approximately 110 minutes of yoga every week now. That equates to about 11 more running miles a week. I think my body is working harder even if it isn't reflected in my mileage. And I think Tuesday's hills demostrate the yoga is making a difference and I should stick to it.

Thursday: I started the day with an easy mile at the gym and followed it up with 26 minutes of yoga - my Faith class. During my workday I was feeling blah so I took a "coffee break run" and ran an additional 1.2 miles. I am thankful for the little bit of time I am getting outside and loving my road paces. This outside run had an average pace of 9'00".

Friday: I ran at home after work and did a nice and easy 5 miles. I followed it up with 20 minutes of yoga. A new class I am toying with for Ab-Defining April and I appropriately called it...Ab-Defining. It was tough but good!

Saturday: I wanted a long run. My goal was 10 miles to celebrate day 800. I ran 11.84 miles and progressively picked up my pace. Mile 11 was at GMP. P.S. This day I did things backwards and did 15 minutes of yoga before heading to the gym with darling daughter - Beginner Relaxation to keep me calm on what I knew was to be a very busy day. Just wait until you see my Polar Loop data!!

Sunday: I thought perhaps I would run outside but the smoke detector woke us all up at 4:30 am and darling daughter was awake for good. Good thing I am a morning gal so I got up with her, made us some breakfast, and figured, why wait for dear hubby to wake up to run?? I ran 6.51 miles on the treadmill and followed it up with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Flexibility. Dear hubby emerged from the bedroom about midway through my yoga class. We had a fun day which included walking around the lavender farm, drinking lavender coffee (okay, darling daughter drank lavender lemonade), eating lavender scones (my one treat that has a touch of whey in it...fortunately it doesn't bug me), and darling daughter and dear hubby shared some lavender shortbread. And yes, I picked up some lavender lilikoi jelly and lavender gourmet seasoning with Hawaiian sea salt and macadamia nuts inside!!! Later I ran an additional 1.64 miles since darling daughter wanted to watch Arthur before bathtime and I wanted 40 miles.

Sunday marked day 801 of my running streak and day 71 of my yoga streak. I ran 40 miles. It was an awesome week! Just checked out my Polar Loop data and yes, I broke down and bought a heart rate sensor. It arrived Saturday afternoon and I wore it my first run on Sunday. 

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the flowers dear hubby brought home to me Saturday night to celebrate my running streak milestone.
Daily Affirmation: I have beautiful eyes.


  1. HOLY MOLEY 801 days?! You are amazing!!!

  2. Wow! You had an amazing week. I'm impressed that you're running a 40 mile week and still fitting in a lot of yoga. The lavender farm sounds like a lot of fun.


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