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Geeze! It is Monday and I just want to be in bed. I didn't get up early and run before work and now I need to squeeze it in after work before starting a series of classes. Part of me is hoping those classes are postponed one more time. Is that bad? In fact, I hesitated a nanosecond when darling daughter clung to me this morning and said, "The race is over. Stay with me. Take a sick day." I don't know where she got that idea but man, was it tempting. But don't worry, I did the right thing and told her, "Mommy needs to go to work and you need to go to school."

But I am indeed beat! And I am trying to remember all the things I did last week that aren't recorded as official mileage because my mileage this week is low. So low that I commented to dear hubby that I have had three bad weeks of running. One week I felt argh. Last week I didn't break 30 miles. This is tough to swallow when I want 40 miles a week but will settle for 35. And here is this week:
2.5 mile walk start!

  • Monday: 3 miles ran after work with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Flexibility
  • Tuesday: 2 miles ran after work with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Strength. I wanted more but work kept calling with runner questions. Work is up there on priorities this week with the final countdown to the Run for the Whales.
  • Wednesday: 2.25 miles ran before work at home with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. I wanted to do something before work but had no desire to leave home yet. This was nice.
  • Thursday: 2 miles ran after work with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Relaxation. It is beginning to sink into my thick skull that work is crazy busy this week and that I can't focus on mileage. I have too much work to do! The countdown to race day is quickly evaporating!
  • Friday: 2 miles ran before work with some speed intervals. It felt nice to challenge my pace. I followed it up with 15 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination. Now the untracked fitness starts to kick in full force. At work I moved tons of boxes of shirts, tons of boxes of packets, set up tables, and got packet pick-up set up for the Run for the Whales. The rest of the day, well, I ran up and down the stairs and throughout the office helping last minute registrations, etc. In addition, I worked an extra long day at work. I was beat! But I am not done.
  • Saturday: 2.55 miles ran post race with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. My legs felt
    Running a friend in!
    heavy and worn out by hey, I just pulled off a race and had been up since 2:45 am to hang signs and banners, set up food, get runners where they need to be, start races, yell out instructions, stop traffic, refill water, find runners for timing questions, hang race results, hand over race results, hand out door prizes, give runners their medals, pick up buckets, pull down signs and banners, move tables, and well, just go crazy!
  • Sunday: I wanted a long run to fill my soul but my body said, give me a break! I ran 3.5 miles in the morning and followed it up with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility. I ended up do a second 3 mile run in the afternoon to get rid of some of my "I haven't run enough grouchies". I am not sure it worked since a 20 mile week with me feeling wiped out is hard to swallow.

Here's to next week!

How is your training going?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful the rain let up before all the races started going off on Saturday.
Daily Affirmation: I have what it takes to be a race director!

P.S. Oh me oh my! How about our winner for helping to promote the Run for the Whales?!

There were 103 entries and the lucky winner is:

The winner was selected randomly through rafflecopter.com. Laurel, will you please email me your physical mailing address at lifeasarunningmom @ gmail.com?

Thanks! And congrats!

P.S.S. All photos here were taken by Randy Sherman, the race photographer for the Run for the Whales 2014. Event photos are available for sale HERE!

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  1. AWESOME WORK GIRLIE!! Sounds like you had a great event!


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