Blog of the Month!

One of my goals in 2014 is to make more connections in the world and spread the love. With that said, I dreamed up Blog of the Month. Yes, I know it is nothing Earth shattering. Monthly features are indeed nothing new and revolutionary but this feature on my blog is new. I put out the idea to fellow SweatPink, Kindrunner, and FitFluential Ambassadors and I am not at a loss of blogs to share. You see, I did it this way so I wasn't just promoting blogs I already read but hoped to find some new gems as well! You would think I would announce these the start of the month but it seems I am just going mid-month to mid-month based on when my first one was announced in January. 

February's blog to love is a new gem for me.

Introducing Perfectly F.I.T.T.! Rosi is the blog author with the intent of pursuing the perfect frequency, intensity, time and type of fitness, nutrition, and all things healthy. Now that sounds good! According to Rosi, her blog is about balancing all aspects of health: physical, mental/emotional, and social. Oh she sounds like she could be a really cool new friend! She aims to post weekly workouts, recipes, and discusses topics that effect our health. She runs, plays soccer, and participates in all sorts of fitness and love sharing ideas and asking for ideas. Oh me oh my! She does sound a lot like me!

Today Rosi posted about her Dairy Free Challenge and I can totally relate to everything she is saying from the decrease in bloating, decrease in congestion, and dairy hiding in almost every single thing. Yes, I have found it in tortillas, gravy, taco seasoning, and those are just a few. You truly need to be careful in what you eat when going dairy free. For me, it is worth it but yes, I do miss some indulgences at time and resist many treats at work due to the dairy factor but in all reality, this may be better for me. But I must confess, I did take one tiny nibble of darling daughter's cake pop and she was sure to let me know, there was dairy inside. It was tiny and I savored it and fortunately, since it was so tiny I had no adverse side effects.

Rosi is a fellow SweatPink Ambassador and if you have the time, stop on over to her blog and tell her ALOHA from Life as a Running Mom!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the relief my body feels from going dairy free.
Daily Affirmation: I am able to admit when I am wrong or hurt.


  1. Glad to find your blog and also Rosi's blog as well! Looks like you have a very long run streak going..wow!

  2. how nice of you to do this. It is such a great idea - will check out Rosi's blog!

  3. Erica you are so kind, thank you! I am so excited to check out your stuff and make a new friend! I love friends! :) Thank you again for the shout out.

  4. Fun idea! Thanks for the link and info about the blog. I haven't seen it before and like to find new fitness blogs.


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