Apera Bag LOVE!

This is a sponsored post. I received product to review free of charge. I did not promise a positive review. The opinions expressed below are soley my own. 

Just recently I was contacted by apera to give one of their bags a trial run. I checked out their website and liked the idea that their bags were considered as "healthier" since they were treated with antimicrobial substances to keep the gym funk away. That is a good thing for someone always carrying around stinky, sweaty clothes. The thing is, I had a gym bag but really had the desire for a new everyday bag. A bag that often serves as a second gym bag for me. Don't even ask.

I checked out their store and was immediately drawn to the sling tote....and it came in pink! Okay, I think technically they call it fuschia but I was falling in love before first touch! They described it as stylish, thin, versatile and yes, I agree!

When it arrived I immediately opened the box and fell in love at first touch. I loved the many storage compartments and I loved that I could use them for my ideas versus just want they may have thought. You see, my problem was I carry a lot around with me. I always want to be able to run if I can run. I have my running supplies on me, my necessities, darling daughter's necessities, and I need to carry snackies for me as it is hard to find a dairy free healthy snack on the go in case of emergency...and don't forget snacks for darling daughter!

old bag
The bags I were using were never just right. I had lots of smaller bags in one bag and changed through my bags/purses on a regular basis as a bag left me feeling frustrated and annoyed. Either I was constantly digging to locate things or the bag just felt awkward to carry. I had been looking for a sling tote bag for quite some time but everything I saw was just one big open bag.

This bag is different. It has one large opening but inside it has three smaller compartments. It has two larger side compartments for holding shoes that works beautifully for holding my water bottle and/or protein drink shaker bottle. The sides have a large and small pocket on each. The two larger pockets are designed a bit different inside to meet many needs. In a nutshell, this pocket has the perfect place for my keys, my phone, my earphones, my lock for the gym locker, my necessities, darling daughter's necessities, my wallet, and my snacks etc. Each item has its own home so I am not digging and looking for what I need. And it feels good on.

Seriously, it feels good on. When I am carrying this bag it feels like I am carrying nothing as it distributes the weight of everything I have been carrying nicely on my body. And no more shoulder strap bag falling off my shoulder. I LOVE IT! Dear hubby says it is me. And yes, I am now the proud owner of a gym bag purse!

How would it work as a gym bag? Just fine and it came with a small insert bag for sweaty clothes that can be washed. Yes! I will be putting that to good use. It seems smaller than my current gym bag but that is one huge duffel bag with two tiny side pockets. I think the additional pockets and compartments with the apera sling tote would be just as beneficial for holding gym supplies, toiletries, and a change of clothes as it is for holding all of my odds and ends right now. And personally, I love how multi-functional the bag is as it doesn't look like I am carrying a stinky gym bag.

I am hooked on apera bags and not just because I love the bag. There is more. The company has a cause and if you have been following my blog for awhile, you know I love causes. Hey, my full time job is working for a non-profit dedicated to protecting the oceans. A cause. Apera's cause is to inspire athletes and they truly touch me at the core of my being by taking on the mission, the cause, to focus on the Special Olympics. For every three bags sold, apera donates one bag to a special olympics athlete. Now that is cool!

And to be completely honest, the cost of this bag is $109. That may have made me hesitate at first glance but once I have touched and used this bag, I say it is worth every penny. You indeed get what you pay for and I have faith this bag will be by my side for years to come! It is built that good!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that apera reached out to me giving me the chance to learn about a company that has awesome product and an amazing cause.
Daily Affirmation: I make a positive impact in this world!


  1. It's pretty cute all right. Nice that the straps stay put. That is a deal breaker for me. Color - great!

  2. That bag looks really good on you! I'll have to start saving my pennies...

    tara @ tara goes streaking

  3. It's pink. Sold. :-)



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