Monday Check-in

Woo-hoo! It is Monday again! Yes, I am trying to pump myself up and see all the good in the world because it is there. I just have been feeling a bit grouchy and overwhelmed so it is harder to see it through the fog. I am hoping writing what I did do last week picks my spirits up because in all reality, I am feeling guilty still that my running and training is falling to the wayside in my life right now.

You can read HERE about how the week before was not good at all. My legs felt so awkward on the treadmill and my confidence came crashing down. I was desiring a nice road run and each day I thought I would I came up with a 1,000 reasons not to. Some are good. Well, I think they all were. I was  making choices and yes, sometime work does need to take priority and yes, my daughter will ALWAYS take priority. With that said, here is what I did!

Monday: 1 mile before work. My thought was that adding in just a mile days here and there may help my legs. I also did 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility with some intermediate poses - but my earphones were acting up. I could hear the background music but the teacher's voice on my app was barely there. Good thing I kinda knew what to do next through continued practice but it was a bit harder to flow through the class.

A touch of what I am working on!
Tuesday: 4.03 miles after work. My goal was to do just a mile as I was still determined to let my body fully recover from lack of sleep, too much stress, whatever. The run felt too good though so I kept on going. I followed it up with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Flexibility.

Wednesday: 2.15 miles before work. Oh me oh my! I dreamed of a longer run today but the howling wind kept me up the night before. The torrential downpours extended my drive time. I was lucky to get this in with 15 minutes of yoga - Beginner Flexibility with intermediate poses - before work. And the earphones? Still acting up. It was funny to run to songs where you could hear the instrumental but not really the voices. If you heard the voices, there were in faraway tunnel. I did my yoga without the earphones and could barely hear the instructions over the noise in the gym.

Thursday: 3.01 miles after work. I came to terms that I just may not get 40 miles in this week...and perhaps next. My work load is willing taking a toll on me. I am sleeping less; therefore, my body just isn't recovering as it should. As I type this it still stings to have to accept what is here for me now and I must have faith all will be fine and no huge detrimental things will impact my overall training. Good thing FAITH is my power word for 2014. I need a lot of FAITH right now! I followed up my run with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Flexibility - and that felt great! Yes, I could sacrifice yoga time and run more but I really think I need to stick to both and not just because it is a goal. I am discovering positive impacts of yoga and feel cardio, flexibility, and body awareness are all important. I also have FAITH that each will contribute to me achieving my goals. My hammies are happier each day!

Friday: 1.06 miles after work as I slept in again. I am just so tired but that makes sense with limited sleep Tuesday night. Followed up my run with yoga - 15 minutes of Beginner Strength with intermediate poses.

Saturday: Felt like a 10K was in order so 6.2 miles at the gym. I kept my pace a bit slower as I am still rebuilding confidence on the gym treadmill but I did do two minutes at a 9'05". It is a start! Followed it up with 30 minutes of yoga - Intermediate Combination. Afterwards darling daughter attacked our errands and chores for the day but we treated me to a yoga kit from Costco that included a strap, two blocks, a book, and a DVD for $16.99. I though 28 days of consecutive yoga deserved to be rewarded and darling daughter didn't let me talk myself out of it. Earphone update - my adaptor to screw in the earphone plug into my waterproof case was the issue....again. I just replaced this piece a mere 6 months ago and the first only lasted about 6 months. I got a new phone case that is water resistant and earphones plug in. Nice!

Sunday: I wanted to run outside today. I really wanted to run the Run for the Whales course but dear hubby has been sick all week and coughing like crazy. Darling daughter started feeling bad Saturday night so the Mommy-nurse in me came out. I ran at home and split my minimum goal of 10 miles between two runs so darling didn't go too long with out Mommy's healing love. We both attempted the yoga flow on the DVD too. Darling didn't last long but I did the 15 minutes but think I like my app more. I seem to be able to relax more into the practice but perhaps it is just because it has really cool background music that soothes my soul. In all reality, this was a wonderful day as I played so much with darling daughter. We crafted, played school, painted, played Barbies, and I built her a fort. At the end of the day I told her to make sure Mommy stops and plays more. I needed it!

I ended up running 27 miles last week. I would love to say I am okay with it and as much as the logical part of me says, yes, be happy, there is a part of me, perhaps my competitive or ego side, that is thinking, oh man, I didn't even break 30! The thing is, I got to remember that years ago, before my running streak began, at this time of year I would have run nada, zero, zilch. I would have gone weeks with no time dedicated to myself and my fitness until things at work calmed down. I got to remember that this phase happens every single year and that last year I went through it and achieved my big goal. I got to have FAITH.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I got to run and do yoga every day.
Daily Affirmation: I am a good organizer.


  1. You can feel good about getting in your daily exercise.Have fun playing more!

  2. Every day ... take a moment to look at that. Every opportunity that happened last week you took advantage of it. I swapped the word challenge for opportunity in my world - in looking at your week last week every 'opportunity' that came up you dealt with and still moved forward with something ever single day. Now go find the beauty in your world and live, love, laugh and DO IT all over again. Aloha.

  3. Every mile run is one more than if you hadn't run! :)

  4. I hope everyone's feeling better at your place soon. It's so hard to have the family sick. Take care of yourself.

  5. Omg... I had a really stressful/sleepless week last week too! Here's to hoping we both have a better week this week!

    Coincidentally... I also logged 27 miles last week! :)

  6. I was sick last week and wasn't able to do ANY workouts. It's frustrating and annoying, but only temporary! You'll be back up to speed in no time...congrats on the 27 miles!

  7. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. It looks like you still got some great workouts in! Way power through girlie!

  8. You have great workout momentum! Keep it up!


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