2 minutes to a brighter me!

Today I am coming out of left field with a crazy post. Okay, not that crazy but something I never really get into with my blogging. Okay, it is something I never really got into until recently. Yes, there was that time in Junior High and early High School years but then I abandoned ship and went naked.

What am I talking about???

Make-up! Of course!

Yes, for years I have gone without a speck of make-up on and those early years, please erase them from every one's memories. What can you expect from a kid that bleached her hair blond? Oh darling daughter, you don't need to fully follow the path I have lead in my life. Thick blue eyeliner and bleached blond hair --- can I just blame the 80's?

But onto today. Just recently, about a month ago, I got inspired to pick up that make-up bag and get back into it. Yes, I restocked it with some new items. It really is simple, some loose powder with a brush, some blush, three sets of eye shadow, a tube of mascara, and probably 6 choices of lip color. Can you see what I like to play with? And yes, I take a whole whopping two minutes, if that long, to brighten up my face.

Why? I joke that my co-worker inspired me, or at least that was my story at work when the change first happened and I was bombarded with praise and comments. The story goes, well, she always looks so good and put together that I had to do something? My post run rambled look just didn't seem right. But perhaps it was more, perhaps it was me getting braver and more confident. And I truly feel that plays a role because I am feeling better about myself, feeling good in my skin, and feeling strong. Strong enough to venture out and experiment with putting on a fresher face. To brighten my eyes and to feel well, perhaps even beautiful...beautiful to dear hubby and darling daughter. And it took her a bit to get used to the scary spider eyes (the mascara was odd to her) but she likes it now. And she really likes it when I go bold with the lipstick.

How about you? Are you a skip it kind of gal, give me two minutes and I am done, or more involved with your beauty routine?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunities in my life.
Daily Affirmation: I have lovely bright blue eyes!


  1. I skip it. But mostly due to the fact that my skin hates it so much.

    And I'm lazy :)

    Every once in a while though I'll wear a full face of makeup. About half of the time I wear mascara... maybe some eyeliner.

  2. My beauty routine. Umm what beauty routine?! I will wear make up to special events but that's pretty much it. I honestly don't see the point of going to the trouble when I work from home.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I've found as I've gotten older I wear it less, just the very basics to hide the dark circles, lol

    1. Hmmmm..... maybe that was a motivating factor for me too. :)

  4. I wear makeup every day, but it's usually a very subtle, natural look. I have friends that really get into their makeup routines and trying new things and watching youtube tutorials, etc. It looks great on them, but I just don't care that much to put that much effort and time into it.

  5. Skip it most days, but at most two minutes. Generally some shadow and mascara and I'm good. :-). You are beautiful, inside and out!

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I'm a minimalist when it comes to make-up. Now that my oldest daughter is 15, her interest has sparked mine, however and I am started to wear make-up more often. I really do feel more put together and confident. I love lipsticks. Other than that mascara, sometimes eyeshadow...maybe a little blush.

  7. I'm a 2 minute kinda make-up girl. Foundation (to cover uneven skin tone), eyeliner and mascara (because my eyes are way too big to leave unattended), and I'm out the door! It does make it easier to feel confident, I'll give it that.

  8. I wear makeup to go to work and shopping for clothes or out on 'dates' with my husband. Otherwise I don't normally bother. I am trying to get into a routine at bedtime with skin care though and not doing well there! haha


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