Raising a #kindrunner & a FREE gift for you!

It has been awhile since I have talked about Kindrunner but my feelings towards this company remain solid and I am honored to be an ambassador. I am writing this post as an ambassador and to let you know about a really cool opportunity to be a kindrunner yourself and get rewarded with a FREE gift (valued up to $15) with your first purchase when you join kindrunner. Information to follow.

But first, let me tell you a story about raising my little kindrunner.

It has been over a month since this event occurred. Nothing like prompt blogging, right? But the moment is still firmly planted in my mind.

Darling daughter and I headed to the library after school with two things on our mission...okay, three things depending on how you count. We wanted to return her books, select new books, and drop off my old running shoes to be shipped back to Kindrunner/Soles for Souls. Darling daughter wanted to carry the box because who wouldn't want to carry a Kindrunner box? More importantly, it was much lighter than the bag of library books even though I had stuffed two old pairs of shoes in the box.

As we started our journey we bumped into the security lady at the library who had to stop us as she was curious about the box darling daughter was carrying. She asked my daughter what was in the box and my daughter immediately went into a full blown explanation about Kindrunner. How it is a company you can order running shoes from, which her Mom did, and then send back your old running shoes. They will give the old shoes to someone in need.

The security lady looked impressed and turned to me to verify this was all true. I confirmed all was indeed true, told her about the free three-way shipping, and explained a little bit more about how the shoes get into someone's hands who really need them. She had heard about Soles for Souls and was very interested in checking out Kindrunner some more. She also commented on how she loved the idea beyond the local thrift stores that sometimes take their donations and perhaps charge a little bit too much for them to those who truly need things. I never thought of it that way.

In return for our exchange of information and being kind to others by donating my old shoes, she took my heavy books from my bag and said she would drop them off for me so when we returned to the library we could just go pick out new books and I wouldn't need to carry a heavy load. Yes, we parked at the library with the intent to walk to the UPS shipping center, drop off the box, walk back to the library, do our book business, and head home. Why drive and park at more than one place when the two aren't that far about? Is that being kind to the environment?

And Kindrunner rewards you for being kind by giving your $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards for each pair of shoes you donate for a pair you purchased. You have one year to use your rewards before they expire but if you run anything like me, how hard is it to buy at least one new pair of running shoes each year? Shouldn't you be kind to yourself?

I am proud of my daughter and love that she is learning the lessons of being kind and completely understands Kindrunner. My hope is one day when she is doing her purchasing she too will make the most out of her dollar in terms of value and giving back to the community.

And now it is your turn. Do you want to join kindrunner? Do you want to get a FREE gift (valued up to $15) with your first purchase? It's easy....just fill out the form below and give me your name and email. I will forward your information onto Kindrunner (weekly on Mondays). Kindrunner will sign you up, send you a confirmation email, get your code for purchase, and be entered for the free gift. The only catch is you have to do this by the end of December.

What are you waiting for? And feel free to spread the word to family and friends....just direct them to this same form and I will do the same for them!

Have a wonderful day and be kind! If you have having problems seeing the embedded form, you can access it HERE too!

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  1. That's awesome! Yay for your daughter, too, for the great explanation! Not sure if I'll take advantage of the gift, though...I'm not exactly burning through running shoes :)


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