Running in Circles

I can't believe it is only Wednesday! From my level of exhaustion I would think it should be Friday but alas, it's not.

I am not over tired exhausted just busy exhausted. I was off with darling daughter on Monday as she was sick. An ongoing thing that perhaps we are finally at the tail end of...fingers crossed. And yesterday and today I had the privilege of being a full time Mommy taking her to school and picking her up. We are enjoying our extra time together and are keeping busy...even on the restful sick day. It is amazing how busy I can be at home. We crafted and have been decorating our house like crazy for Halloween.

Darling talked me into carving the pumpkin, which meant making more pumpkin seeds. Plus late last night in a sugar craving craze I attempted a new recipe I found for vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I made half a batch because how many cookies does one house need? They were delicious! And nope, you don't take the pumpkin and yes, there was pumpkin inside. Real live pumpkin. Pumpkin from the local farm. Pumpkin we picked out ourselves. It makes it so much better! Or at least it is a good way to justify my indulgence.

In addition, we have been learning about the bird that is frequenting our bird feeder in swarms. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit but seriously, this beauty is loving our seed! And we are loving watching them!

Plus kindness has found its way to me and darling daughter is already in love with the socks. More on that to come later.

And yes, I have been getting my runs in but my training week is all out of whack. I keep telling myself not to stress and to run on!

Tomorrow, things will start to get back to somewhat normal for me....I hope!

Have a happy hump day!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for girls' nites!
Daily Affirmation: I am in control of my indulgences!

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