On a very rare occasion I think how easy it would be if I didn't run. How many more hours I would have in my life. But those thoughts are fleeting. They fly by quicker than the speed of a hummingbird's wings because in all reality, my life would not be better without running.

Running is challenging. Running with big race goals adds another element of challenging. Running with big race goals, raising a kindergartener, working full-time, adding on additional work duties during the crazy season, blogging, coaching, and trying to be a thoughtful, caring wife can be beyond challenging. Some days I feel completely wiped out but my daily run energizes me again. It centers me. It helps me find my inner strength and peace. I need those runs for so many reasons. And I love my home treadmill for what it allows me to do but my home treadmill represents another challenge.

Just after Christmas in 2011 I got my very first home treadmill. This was a forever dream of mine. A workoutroom at home so I can get my exercise in whenever I could. And no, I don't have a separate room. My treadmill lives in the family room. In almost two years this treadmill has brought me many runs of fulfillment but also some lingering frustrations of challenges. You see, it is at a constant 10% incline. It seemed a good purchase with my running goals two years ago. It was in my budget. I had different criteria then. One of which was that it could be folded up for space saving. You see, I didn't want my purchase to be a burden on my family. Thing is, I have never folded it up. I never will. I realized that the minute it came in my home. I imagined a terrible accident with a faulty mechanism resulting in darling daughter being crushed by the treadmill. Nope, that thing will never be folded up! And seriously, who wants to fold up and unfold a treadmill daily? But that was my criteria then. I wasn't a streaker then. Things change.

I am happy to say after almost two years my treadmill is running perfectly. I would love to say it is because I take good care of it but in all reality, I don't do the maintenance I should. It is rusting here and there. The motor is holding true. I love it. If I can't get to the gym I can run at home. If darling daughter is sick and I don't want her out of my sight, or she doesn't want me out of mine, I can run at home. Purpose served. Life is bliss!

But it isn't. I feel frustrated when I don't bang out the runs at the paces I want. I feel challenged. Is my slower incline run pace negatively impacting my race performance? Am I hurting my training my juggling workouts around to get my intervals anywhere but home? I really don't know. I love my treadmill. I hate my treadmill. I am forever thankful for my treadmill. I am blessed to be able to run at home. I know I am. I am blessed to have this treadmill performing so well. I know I am. But deep down I dream of the day I can have an adjustable treadmill at home. One I can hit my goal paces on. One that doesn't tie me to 10%. One that frees me from the gym. Will this treadmill make my life less challenging? Probably not. Okay, no. Because even the perfect treadmill at home wouldn't erase the shock that darling daughter gets out of school an hour earlier every day next week due to parent-teacher conferences. Really?! Why did I just learn about this on a Wednesday evening? I read EVERYTHING! But still, I missed this. Just another challenge for me confront this week.

What challenges you?
Do you ever play with wordle.net? These images were all created with the words from today's post.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my incline treadmill.
Daily Affirmation: I overcome my daily challenges with perseverance and creativity.


  1. My body seems to be challenging me this year one injury after the other I just want to run healthy!

    1. Good luck recovering! Injuries are indeed challenging!

  2. I honestly don't know how you and other Mom's of young children do it and stay so strong!!! Your amazing

  3. Been sick with a cold lately...that is a challenge, when I still need to run.


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