You are amazing!

This morning I finally looked at my blog again and am completely touched, and shedding happy tears, in response to your ongoing support and virtual hugs on my post yesterday.

Blogging is an amazing thing and yes, it is hard to put the truth out there but it is worth it. I know I am not alone in my feelings and I get as much support and inspiration from you as I hear I give to some. I love the mutual sharing and honestly, the running community rocks! Runners are amazing and I am honored to be able to call myself a runner and truly lucky to be able to call myself a marathoner. The image below is a picture I actually liked from the run.

It is at a point where I was struggling and the photographer wasn't asking me to do a fake smile. I don't even remember seeing a photographer after the misting tunnel. I was on Front Street - the portion I dread the most about this course. I always feel I am running through an abandoned town or that I am the only person running in a sea of people shopping and eating. It is a weird and tough stretch of road.

At the start of the tunnel a volunteer accidentally threw a cup of water in my face. She apologized and obviously felt terrible. I let her know that it was actually very much appreciated. I was truly feeling blessed for that moment of cooling relief, a cup of water, and a cold sponge. I was in my run/walk phase and obviously had both feet off the ground "running"...barely. It is nice to see a picture of me actually enjoying myself in  the hard part of the race.

And yes, I was thinking never again. We all know that isn't true. I am racing a marathon in December and my desire to break a 4:20 is rekindled in full force. My determination is strong. The second vow you didn't know. Never will I do Maui Marathon again! That course has kicked my butt three times. I am moving on. Well, it looks like other forces are at play as the Maui Marathon is giving me an offer I can't refuse. Okay, not just me, many. I just may need to bite the bullet and register to run it again in 2014. I have 5 days to decide. The countdown starts now!

Daily Gratitude: I know I have said this before but it is worth saying again, I am so thankful for each and every one of you!
Daily Affirmation: I get back up!


  1. I just read your marathon recap and got emotional reading it. I've been there, too! My last marathon completely fell apart. I wanted so badly for it to just stop. But I won't give up either. You've disappointed no one--quite the opposite!!

    I also just read your book giveaway post for the Matt Long book. Thank you for such kind words. I hope the next reader enjoys it!

  2. Go for it! Get back up and give it your best just as you've done for three years running!

  3. If you do decide to do it maybe don't make it a PR attempt. Just do it as a run and try to enjoy it. Sometimes it's those runs when the magic happens.

  4. If running teaches anything, it's that you pretty much just have to regroup, and keep moving forward. Glad you're feeling a bit better, and looking forward to what is to come!

    Question: Do you really wear your hydration pack with just a sports bra? I am pretty nervous to try the same, but hate that I "have to" wear short sleeves whenever I wear my pack. Do you take any special steps to avoid chafing (my fear)?

    1. Holly, I had the same fear with chafing and yes, I wear my CamelBak with just my sports bra. I don't even do any extra BodyGlide for the vest. My review of the product is here: http://lifeasarunningmom.blogspot.com/2013/08/camelbak-marathoner-vest-product-review.html


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