July and August Training Updates

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I never reviewed my July training. It was so close to the end of August that I just pushed it out of my mind. However, as I sit here ready to review August it seems wrong to ignore July. So I am going to blend the two together in my analysis.

The last two months included 3 weeks of training in Texas where the vast majority of my runs were outside - either solo or with the jogging stroller. I only did two runs on a treadmill and I am happy for that time on my feet. However, even though I had the freedom to run daily and Mom was willing to watch darling daughter, I did cut back some running time on some days just to be with my family. Those longer runs - they just didn't happen. I don't get to see my Texas family much and it seemed wrong to not devote time to those filtering in and out of my Mom's house while I was there. I don't regret my choice. It was the right choice. Family does come first.

But that left me behind in where I wanted to be with my long runs. As of now, I am happy with what I accomplished and my 20 mile run on Sunday has helped raise my comfort level. Thank you for your kind comments and support. And of course, I would have loved more but it did erase/negate some of the doubt created by my failed 20 mile attempt earlier in August. I don't think I can really complain about running 18 miles and I think I have proved that my fueling technique that day was off.

This year in July I ran 178 miles in comparison to 150 in 2012. In August I ran 138 miles in comparison to 133 in 2012. I know I am ahead of the ball in terms of time on my feet this year and truly hope that pays off on race day. I am bummed by the downhill slope of my miles in the months leading up to race day. I would have preferred a more stable mileage or perhaps building up??? But I know I have done my best each and every day. I know I have been battling some weird health things, undergoing blood tests, and adjusting to a new diet. I feel strong....even though I was dead tired yesterday and could only pull off a couple of miles. I need to see where I have gone and I have moved forward. But in all reality, I am just fearful of tearing my body up in the Maui Marathon like I did last year and I have one less week between marathons this year. I don't want to tear myself up. Therefore, I guess I just need to stick to running smart, have faith, and really, really, really work on letting go of that fear. It does me no good.

August 31st marked day 611 of my running streak and brought me to 1,207 miles in 2013 and 2,675 streak miles. Gotta love that! My goal to run 2,013 miles in 2013 has slipped beyond my reach for this year. I did the math. I would need to average 200 miles a month the rest of the year. I don't want to appear like I am quitting or breaking down when the going gets tough but in all reality, if I pushed myself to run those miles I would negatively impact my race performance. It wouldn't be smart because the next four months include 3 weeks of tapering, Maui Marathon, recovery, quick training, 3 weeks of tapering, Honolulu Marathon, recovery and running whatever I want the rest of the year! Four months seems so long for some things but in other regards, boy, that time is short!

Am I upset? No. I am still ahead of the game and will continue to strive to run my best each and
every day. I set high goals for myself and they involve continual improvement and constant motivation. I will not give up even though I see that my goal now isn't SMART. It is just like breaking that 4:20 marathon. I have always wanted to do that. I am still on the path and I am about to make attempt number 4. Yes, it would be cool to achieve something the first time but I do like the journey, the story, the continual drive to reach goals that I set for myself. I think it increases the reward, at least for myself, when I do achieve the goal. And I will. Who am I to argue with when?

So what are my plans for September? Taper, taper, taper. Run the Maui Marathon. PR. Perhaps break that 4:20. But let's rewind and look at my marathon times: Maui Marathon 2011, 4:46:40; Maui Marathon 2012, 4:36:16; Honolulu Marathon 2012, 4:33:28. I am almost taste achieving my goal in 4:20. Fingers crossed......

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the continued improvement in my marathon times.
Daily Affirmation: #IWILL break a 4:20 marathon in 2013!

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  1. You're so right - that long term goal shouldn't take precedence over the marathon. You need to get to your race feeling fit and ready to go then you need time afterwards to recover. Sure it would have been fun to hit 2013 miles but in the long run it doesn't matter.


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