Milestones....those significant events of our lives....

For each one of us the milestones may vary but some are pretty universal. And recently I feel I am wrapped up in so many milestones that my mind is becoming restless and my sleep is being impacted.

Milestone #1: Darling Daughter started Kindergarten. I am so proud of her for tackling this new phase in life with an open heart and an open mind. She has been beyond excited. She doesn't know how torn up I feel inside. Not for her starting Kindergarten per se but for me not being there to take her to school her first day. Those classic shots of the little girl in the cute dress at the doorsteps of the school....nope, I don't have one. I was working. Dear hubby takes her to school and yes, this is how it has always been so why does it bug me? Because it is a milestone and on that first day I take her rest assured I will be taking a photo.

Yesterday marked her first full day of Kindergarten after going for three half days. She was excited. She knew the plan and where I would pick her up. I got there perfectly on time and was the first car in line to get my precious gem but then things went wrong. That advice from the teacher to let her know of pick up plans so my child would be where she was supposed to be failed. I am trying not to be upset but in all reality, it bugs me. You see, at first darling daughter was to be in the A+ program but I had a genius idea and figured out a work schedule that allowed me to pick up darling daughter on my four days at dismissal leaving Daddy to do one day. It worked. My supervisor approved. The A+ program administator was informed. Payment was never made. Her name was to be crossed off the list. Darling daughter's teacher was told twice that she would be picked up every single day by a parent, no A+. Yesterday she was sent to A+.

Another teacher had informed me of the mix-up and directed me to pull into a parking spot and go get her. I did. I moved fast. I was at the A+ meeting spot before darling daughter. Her teacher was there and looking for my daughter as well. She knew the mix-up, she apologized and said, yes, she had the note. She made a mistake. And then I saw my sweetheart walking to me in line on the verge of a major tears with some smaller ones rolling down her cheeks. It broke my heart. I ran to her and hugged her and told her how sorry I was. Her teacher apologized. Darling told me she never wanted to go to school again. She is smart. She knew she was being walked away from where Mommy was to be. She was scared and sad and even now, over 12 hours later, my heart feels heavy for her and my eyes well up...and yes, I have shed some tears myself. But it will never happen again. I am completely confident that her teacher will never make that mistake again. Still, it is hard to not be annoyed.

Milestone #2: Day 600, or should I say day 601. That is what today is. Day 601 of my running streak. I would love to say I marked these milestones with significant runs but my love of my family, and dedication to be a ever present mom, didn't let this happen. Yesterday I ran after picking up darling daughter from school. It was an easy, slow four mile run on my incline treadmill. I would have loved to run six miles of awesomeness but first thing that morning darling wanted to cuddle more. I cuddled. And I just didn't have the heart to run too long and not be present and by her side helping her with her homework yesterday afternoon. She was out of sorts. She had a rough day. It will get better. And today, I overslept and dragged my butt out of bed not wanting to leave the warmth of the covers. Yes, it gets cold up where I live. Maybe not your cold but my cold. So the speedwork I planned for today was replaced by a measly mile as I have a long work day ahead of me today...to compensate for the shorter work days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. It will all work out.

Milestone #3: Darling daughter starts soccer practice today! She has been so excited and I finally got the call from her coach last night. We registered a bit late but she only missed one practice. And she only practices once a week. And it is on the day I have to work late. It is okay. I will NEVER miss one of her games.

Milestone #4: Anniversaries. 8/20. August 20th. It would have been my parents' 47th wedding
anniversary. Imagine that! They were high school sweethearts and I do love to hear their love story. And yes, my heart was heavy for my Mom as I know how much she misses him. 9/9. September 9th. Dear hubby and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Just don't ask me how yet as eating out isn't something I am very comfy with right now and it is a school/work night. Sometimes I need to be less responsible, don't you think?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful I was the first car in the pick-up lane as it allowed me to be right where I needed to be to embrace darling daughter right when she needed it.
Daily Affirmation: My empathy makes me a loving, generous woman.

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  1. Congratulations to your parents. 47 years is a great milestone and shows a lot of commitment and love.


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