Book Review: You Know You Are A Runner....

Today's post is a sponsored post. Richard McChesney, the author of You Know You Are A Runner..., provided me a free copy of hte pre-release PDF version of his new e-book. It is available on Amazon and the Kindle version is currently $2.99.

I don't know about you but personally I don't find much time to read but I really do love to read. When I was given the chance to preview a copy of a little book with runner humor I jumped. It would give me a bit of reading time that I could fit into my hectic, busy, full life and perhaps bring out a smile here and there.

Don't get me wrong. I smile and laugh almost every single day but in all reality, my sense of humor is not like many people. I can watch a movie and the whole room will be cracking up and yet I will not be. But then there are things that crack me up and the whole room will look at me oddly. It is just the way my mind works - I like quick, witty humor not plain silliness.

Rewind about 25-30 years and you will find me at the intial stages of looking through the newspapers to find the funnies. Once again, you wouldn't find me laughing out loud but I still enjoyed them. There were short and sweet and I also liked looking at the illustrations for each. It made me happy even if I wasn't rolling around laughing. And yes, some made no sense to me at all.

You Know You Are a Runner... brings me back to those days. It is essentially a collection of 40 comics all centered on runners. Some resonated more with me than others but isn't that true of the funny section anyhow? Some relate to some people and some to others and I believe that is what makes the section, and this book, a success. If everything hit my sense of humor perfectly I don't think it would be a book everyone could find appealing. No two people are alike and I think it is the diversity of the funnies in this book that will make it enjoyable to a larger number of people. And who knows, perhaps you might find one or two that resonate so deeply with you that you will want to cut them out to hang it up somewhere.

Once again, this was a sponsored post. I was contacted by the author and received a free copy to read and review. I did not promise a positive review and the opinions I expressed are soley my own. The e-book You Know You Are A Runner... by Richard McChesney and illustrated by Brighty & Brock is available on Amazon.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunities in my life.
Daily Affirmation: My sense of humor makes me unique.

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