Running Like Crazy and Getting Nowhere!

I try to look on the bright side of things because I feel if you dwell too much on the negativity that all you will see from that point on is the negativity. And I still feel this way but sometimes life can just get all wrapped up crazy and I want to hit the pause button if only to regroup. I need that now. I need a pause button.

The thing is as much as I feel overwhelmed and in desire of a break I am surrounded by good. Yes, there is some yuckiness in there but like a good friend told me, that's life. And it is. So let's focus on the good. My bank's fraud department rocks the boat and stopped someone from using my card number too many times before I even realized they started to. How cool is that? Yes, I am still having the hassle of changing automatic payments, filling out the necessary paperwork at the bank, and waiting for my money to magically and officially reappear in my bank account but in all reality, I see the good in it all. I just don't like the time it has taken out of my week and yes, the final weight will come of my shoulders when the money is where it should be. The thing that is nagging me that I have having problems quieting is that ongoing question - What did I do wrong? How did I cause this to happen? Questions that will never be answered so they really should just drift away and I should move on.

Second craziness --- getting ready for darling daughter and I to go on vacation! Super exciting right? Yes but there is that underlying guilt of being so excited when dear hubby is staying home. I am trying to not be overly amped but darling daughter and I can't stop talking about our plans. And this brings me to yesterday. I could have run longer to get my run fill but I didn't. I couldn't. Well, I could have and as much as falling off target in my running this week is bugging me it bugged me more to leave dear hubby with an essentially empty fridge, freezer, and pantry. He did tell me he would be okay. I know he would but honestly, what kind of wife leaves her husband with barren cupboards? Not me! So I called him yesterday with my crazy idea to just go shopping. He agreed and we made an evening trip to Costco to get him stocked up with goodies and it was worth it.

Third craziness --- darling daughter is graduation preschool tonight! She is so excited! I can't wait to see their Aloha Night performance. I know those kids have been practicing hard as darling daughter is keeping me filled in. It will be an awesome night and yes, there is that underlying sadness that next year she will be going to a new school. We will be learning new routines. It makes me sad...in fact sad enough to be getting a bit teary eyed. I already told her not to be bugged by me crying tonight. I will. But I am happy. She is so excited to start kindergarten next year and her teachers fully agree she is completely ready. Beyond ready. She is already calling herself a kindergartner and you know what, she is. It is just her final month or so of preschool is the equivalent to summer camp for those preschools not on an extended year. But I will miss her loving teachers and her education being grounded in our faith. Guess I will be looking into Sunday School classes soon too, huh? And yes, I could have run longer this morning before work, as I won't have time after work due to the graduation ceremony, but I didn't. It was more important for me to take that running time and convert it into shopping time to get darling daughter a lei for tonight....plus a cute flower! I don't know how preschool graduations are in your neck of the woods but here they are a big deal! There is no way on Earth my precious gem won't have a lei of her own!

My plan tomorrow is to get my butt up early and hit the gym for my long run and I know I will. I can't skip out and run a bit at home since I already promised the staff I would be there tomorrow to pay my one day overdue dues. Yep, that compromised card number is kicking me in my butt. I knew updating things online on Monday probably wouldn't be quick enough for the change to cement in place and for my gym to collect its dues. And no, I couldn't settle things today since that transaction can't happen until later in the gym hours. The good - they know me. They know I will be back. They let me run this morning....even if it was only a measly two miles. Argh! This mom needs a longer run!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for quiet mornings.
Daily Affirmation: I have in it me to break a 4:20 marathon!


  1. So annoying about the credit card business but your bank did a great job to stop it before it got out of hand. And you've done a great job keeping it in perspective.

  2. Oh, Aloha Night at preschool sounds too cute! Congrats to the little one on graduating!

    Hope you get in a longer run today!

  3. Scary that credit card business is! My mom had that happen to her too. Identity theft sucks. Hope you get your money back soon!


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