June Review - Marathon Training Progress

Does anyone else find summer time crazy busy? Yes, I realize that it coincides with ramped up training for my fall marathons but still, it seems crazier than usual this year!

So let's jump in with both feet into June to see how I did!

#nofilter dairy free comparison - tummy to come later
My Body and Mind
For most of June I was plagued with tummy issues. These had started in May and were persisting. With ongoing tests coming out clean I opted to try a dairy free diet for 14 days. Within days I was hooked! My body is feeling so much better without that dairy element. And the 2-3 times I accidentally ingested dairy only confirmed I am on the right path. So no dairy for me. For the most part, I don't miss it much but sometimes, like today, I miss the idea of a nice hot coffee with hazelnut cream. The reality of it would not be pleasant and I realize that now. And I like how my eyes have brightened up too!

Mentally I am doing great too! I busted out a 21 mile run split between two treadmills (and yes, techically that was in July but it supports where I am mentally) and defied all obstacles that in a previous life might have made me back down. I do prefer to run my longer runs outside on the roads for the training benefit of running on harsh concrete but in all reality, I realize that the mental edge I am gaining doing long runs on the treadmill can't be overlooked either. And please note, my training goal was 18-20 miles and I did tack on another mile to compensate a wee bit for the "easy" treadmill run. Trust me, running in place is never really easy!

I am feeling good about myself and how my body is adjusting to this training cycle. I am seeing positive benefits and am staying in alignment the best I have for quite awhile. Perhaps learning that a certain pair of running shoes wasn't ideal for me is paying off - and yes, I was already decreasing my time in these shoes since they didn't just didn't feel right. Thank goodness for a virtual custom fit analysis at Kindrunner to confirm what my heart was telling me. And I can't wait to get my toes into the shoes Joe recommended for my long runs!

The Numbers
As much as I would have wanted 175+ miles in June I ended up with 157 miles. In all reality, I shouldn't complain. It seems I caught a nasty bug that slowed me down but didn't knock me down like others I know. Poor dear hubby. I am at 891 miles for 2013 and have 2,359 running streak miles. June 30th marked day 549 of my running streak. I averaged 36.63 miles a week in June bringing my 2013 weekly average down to 33.35 miles a week. I am feeling like my 2,013 miles in 2013 goal may be slipping through my fingers but I am not backing down and giving up. I refuse to give up. I will continue to do my best!

In June I grew my tempo run to 6 miles (8'20" pace) before incorporating some speedwork. I am working on mile repeats and my first interval run this session was on the 25th. I did three mile repeats at a 8'00" pace.

July Goals
You know I already did one 21 mile run but I am hoping to do a couple of 16-18 mile long runs in July. If I get 20 miles squeezed in it would be a blessing but my next scheduled 20 miler is on August 11th. There are good reasons for this that extend beyond just my personal running goals.

It would be lovely if I break 2,500 streak miles in July. That should be completely doable because all I will need to do is run greater than 141 miles in July. With what I have been doing, it is possible. But the question is, will I be able to pull it off while spending more time with my extended family? Only time will tell!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the 157 miles I ran in June.
Daily Affirmation: I am a strong, beautiful woman.


  1. Wow! 21 miles on a treadmill is something I can't even comprehend! Awesome job! Happy to hear that no-dairy is working so well for you.

  2. I'm really curious to hear how your dairy free diet progresses. 21 miles on the treadmill is insane. I can barely make it 5 without boredom. Do you do anything to stave off the boredom? I'm rooting for you to hit 2013 in 2013!

    1. I will keep you all posted on how the dairy free goes - especially when I need to start adding in traveling and/or eating out. That will definitely complicate things for me!

      It terms of treadmill boredom, I have a page on my blog dedicated to TM Running and it has links to my tricks but honestly, just time and determination. The main struggle at times is finding things for darling daughter to do if I am doing a long run at home so she doesn't drive me nuts with "Are you done yet's?"...which fortunately, she hasn't done in a long time. Knock on wood.

      But honestly, I listen to music, I count songs and only allow myself to look at how far I have gone after x songs, I set virtual aid stations - drink a sip every 15 minutes for example - to break the run into smaller pieces. I don't let myself focus too much on the big picture. I think of my Dad...it helps give me strength. Essentially, I practice all the mental training I will need come mile 20 (or so) on marathon day!

      But that doesn't mean I don't dread it. I am already anxious about my run this Friday on the gym treadmill. The goal is 16-18 miles and I keep thinking, how will I do it? But I will....I have to....if I am to achieve my running dreams!

  3. Glad you found out what was bothering your tummy! And 21 miles on a treadmill? Beast!!! As always...you are rockin' girl!

  4. Now that there is so many great non-dairy options, it makes it easier to go dairy free. Great job. I'm thinking of trying to go wheat or grain free for a while, myself due to tummy issues.

    Great job! keep it up.

    I about died on my 10 mile. 21mi?! I can do that hiking but running is a different story. LOL. Envy that. ;)


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