ABC Fun!

Getting to know me...X, Y, Z

X: X-rays Besides getting my teeth X-rayed I have had my foot X-rayed. To be exact, my left small pinky toe. A stool came crashing down on it. I went silent in pain. I was told it wasn't broken. I was later told, oops, it is indeed broken. That time represents a growing period in my life. So glad it is over now.

Y: Yellow Growing up yellow was my favorite color. I would even say it was my favorite color even when it really wasn't. Blue became my new favorite. I would say blue was my favorite color even when it wasn't. I think I like pink and purple more now....especially pink. Yes, pink is my favorite color. Well, at least until it isn't anymore. Who knows, maybe yellow is my favorite color. I do have yellow bath towels, bathmats, and a yellow kitchen. Hmmmm.... 

Z: Zodiac What's your sign? Me? Well, I am a Libra. In fact, my sun and moon signs are Libra. That means the Libra qualities are really strong in me...if you believe in that stuff. Do I? Well, I am overly obsessed with equality and balance in life. Hey, maybe that's why I change favorite colors! To give them all a chance! I do like to surround myself with beauty. Perhaps just a coincidence though.... P.S. Dear hubby is a Cancer and I lovingly call him my crusty crab and darling daughter is an Aquarius. Perhaps I should read up on that! On a side note, according to the Chinese signs dear hubby is a Dragon and darling daugther and I are both Rats! Gotta love that! Just don't ever ask me to touch or love an actual rat....yuck!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for volunteers.
Daily Affirmation: I am confident enough in who I am to embrace my "ratty" sign!

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