Let the kindness begin! Kindrunner is ready for you!

I am writing this post as an ambassador for kindrunner and I am really excited to make my first purchase! I was not paid to write this post and all opinions expressed are truly my own.

Did you see my post early this month about Am I a kindrunner? If not, you can go back and read it
but in a nutshell it introduced kindrunner.com - an e-commerce site for runners that provides an eco-friendly way to get new running shoes and turn in your old shoes to be refurbished and given to someone really in need. They have partnered with Soles 4 Souls and the More Foundation to make this happen. How awesome is that?! 

But it isn't just awesome for those in need who receive the shoes, it is awesome for you! And they are open and ready for your business. But before running on over to kindrunner here is why I believe this new company is going to succeed - great customer service for you, the runner who wants new shoes, with awesome features that will make shopping through their site truly unique.

The Awesome Kindrunner Features:
  • Confident Runner Pricing: You can get the running shoes of your choice below retail price. Yep, you read that right but there is a catch and it isn't sneaky. This option was designed for those who know what they want. I know lots of runners that say I only run in this make/model. If that is you, this is for you. The Free Return Shipping is not available with this feature but in all reality, if you know what you want you aren't going to be returning the shoes, right? And if it makes you nervous to forego free return shipping, just skip this option. 
  • FREE 3 Way Shipping: Free is good and free shipping on running shoes that you may get in a local store is incredible just because of the mission behind kindrunner. Customers will receive free shipping of their order, free shipping of any returns (if you did not do the Confident Runner Pricing option), and free shipping of your donated shoes back to kindrunner to be refurbished. Sounds like a win-win-win! Free shipping applies to all 50 states and yes, that includes Hawai'i. I asked! I guess that gives this a fourth win!
  • Kindness Cash Rewards Program: It pays to be kind! By mailing your old shoes back to kindrunner you can receive $10 credit for your next new pair of shoes. Here is how it works. Buy a pair of shoes from kindrunner. You will receive the return label to mail your old shoes back in. Put as many pairs of shoes you want in that one box, slap on the label, and mail it in at no cost. Kindrunner will scan your label and your Kindness Cash Reward will be applied to your account. Buy 5 pairs of shoes, mail in five pairs (one in each box), and you will receive $50 in Kindness Cash Rewards. I think this is a nice extra touch and a cool way to say thank you!
  • Expert Product Reviews: If you are browsing the shoes and want to know more, each product kindrunner carries will include an expert product review video on the page the product is on. You don't need to go hunting it down. It is there for you to make an informed decision. Kindrunner describes this service as bringing the knowledge of your local specialty running store into your home. Cool!
  • Easy 365 Returns: Customers have 365 days to return any product as long as it is in its original packaging and in its original condition. This made me think a bit but if for some reason you won't be able to use those shoes you just ordered, lets say you got injured, can't run for months, and then get the okay to run again but in a different model with orthotics. No worries. Yes, you bought those running shoes wrapped up beautifully 9 months ago. It doesn't matter. Go ahead and return them and get what you need!
Are you ready to pick out some new running shoes and start spreading the kindness? If so I have some evenFree Socks for Life!" Yes, you read that right. If you are one of the first 500 customers you will receive a new pair of socks with each running shoe order you place. Oh if I could only be so lucky! 
cooler news for the first 500 customers - "

And yes, I will be placing an order with kindrunner very soon as I think some new running shoes would be the perfect Father's Day gift for dear hubby! And I hope he isn't reading this blog post as I would have just spoiled his surprise.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for innovative business ventures!
Daily Affirmation: I am a kindrunner!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea behind Kindrunner! :) How awesome!

  2. Love KindRunner. Congrats on being an ambassador!

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