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This is a sponsored giveaway for Heads Up Bands. I was provided two bands to review at no cost. The opinions in this post are solely my own. I received no further compensation for this post.

Hold your head up with pride! 

Very powerful words, aren't they? But yet, the message is essential. With so much going on in the world it could be hard to hold your head up with pride but I really feel we each must strive to do that. And what does that mean? We each need to strive to be the best that we can be, embrace the challenges life puts in front of us, and by golly, be forgiving! We are all human and we will all make mistakes. And yes, we will all fall down and perhaps we may need help back up. Don't you want to be that helping hand?

But sometimes out of a dark moment, you find strength. In my little neck of the world, I went to bed annoyed last night, woke up mad, vented to my sister, said a word or two out of frustration, and then hit the treadmill ready to run and pray to find my peace. Within a minute, I knew the intervals scheduled for tomorrow were going to happen today. All that bottled up frustration was going to be transformed into something good, fast intervals. Mission accomplished!

Heads Up Bands image
But my dark moment pales in comparison to other dark moments. A real dark moment - being diagnosed with breast cancer (no, not me). Now that is dark. But now imagine out of all of that, a strong female is able to turn that bleak moment into something bright. Creating something new. Finding something good. And this is the background of how Heads Up Bands was born. Now that is an awesome mission accomplished!

The headbands are awesome. They stay in place. They are beautiful. In fact, too beautiful in some regards. I never could leave one on my head to run since I didn't want to turn it into a sweaty mess. I wanted it to stay awesome so I could feel strong and hold my head up throughout the day, not just during my run.

The better news, you can win one for yourself! This is a short and sweet giveaway with me announcing the winner on July 1st! Why wait longer than you need to? Enter below, spread the word, and have a great day! But most importantly, hold you head up with pride!

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Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the random gifts in my life.
Daily Affirmation: Running makes me a more confident me.


  1. When my running outfit is color coordinate.

    1. YES! I love running without clashing!

  2. Always looking for great headbands

  3. The fact that I am finally starting to go after my dreams!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am now following you!! :-)

    -BRittany aka LittleSis
    (Naturally Fit Sisters)

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  5. These are so cute! Love a pretty headband!!

  6. Love these bands, I'd love a chance to win one! I've already liked their page, and have followed you for quite some time! <3

  7. I have a difficult time getting headbands to stay on my (extremely) round head! I would love to give this one a try!

  8. finishing a marathon...I will ride that one out for awhile!!

  9. I hold my head high when I've encouraged others to run or to begin a fitness plan. If I can inspire others to carry on and they're pleased, it makes a difference in my life and theirs.

  10. Oh! My twitter name is @lipstick_plims I'm a follower already! I love this "out of dark moments you find strength"....I'm working on this in my life.

  11. Love all of the designs!!

  12. I hold my head up with pride every time I look at my daughters. I am so proud of them!!


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