A Typical Day

My alarm goes off before 4:00 am. It is battery operated and I often wonder why those batteries last so long. And it is set ahead of real time so it is even earlier, which is good since my hand goes out, grabs the clock, silences it, and tucks in under the covers with me. I do this every day. I don't know why I can't just get up and wonder what I would do if I couldn't cuddle my alarm. Typically, I count to 100 and get out of bed. Sometimes I lose count, sometimes I drift, sometimes darling daughter awakes but often, I get up. When I don't, I go to plan B and that can be a post for another day.

I grab my Chico bag that I use as a gym bag and head out of the room. I change into my running clothes, put my little containers of VegaSport recovery mix and VegaSport protein powder in my purse with a wash cloth, grab my peanut butter muffin (I make them myself) and VegaSport pre-workout drink already in my Blender bottle, and lunch pack. I pack my Laptop lunchkit (darling daughter has the same), put on my running shoes (almost always Saucony), and head out the door. Destination gym. I eat my muffin and drink my pre-workout drink during my drive.

Once at the gym, I am pretty predictable. I unpack my yurbuds, my iPhone, and my wash cloth (I like this for my gym towel and use a variety of colors for fun). I position my Bondi Band and start running after I am synced with my Nike+ sensor. Yes, the treadmill has miles but this app allows me to track miles on each pair of running shoes too. Gotta love it! 

I conclude my run. Rinse my Blender bottle, add in the recovery mix, top off with water, and enjoy a run well done before work. (I drink the protein with my breakfast later in the day at work). But before work can truly begin, I must clean up. I take a quick shower, wash my hair (currently using Pert Plus right now and I am always changing brands), towel off, dress, rub on some Dove deodorant, and start my workday. I often leave my hair as it is or perhaps toss in a head band. Today I am trying a cool one from Heads Up. So far, I love it.

After work I pick up darling daughter from school and we head home always with huge plans of fun and games. We often get wrapped up in chores such as cleaning up the pre-school mess, putting away dishes, washing lunch dishes, making lunches, making dinner, showering (darling daughter comes in with my and she loves her Sauve kids shampoo and glycerin soap), eating, brushing teeth (and darling daughter just declared she loves the minty Colgate - I am stoked that I no longer have to buy kiddie toothpaste), sometimes a little movie time or Hay Day time, story time, cuddle time, and then adult time. Dear hubby may have one hour of my complete foggy attention before I zonk out, quickly wipe my face with a Stridex wipe (adult acne sucks), go to bed, and start the cycle once again.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the structure in my life.
Daily Affirmation: I am able to adjust to changes in routine.


  1. Wow, you have a full day!!! I follow you on Instagram and love your blog!! Glad to find another 40something blogger!!!

  2. I think that's a great routine! Inspiring that you can keep it up day after day. You are a dedicated lady.

    I wish I could get up before hubby heads off to work. I've fallen out of the habit but I love when I get my day started so early. With school out again, I am eager for those early morning runs while everyone is asleep. Happily S'ghetti girl is now old enough that I don't have to leave at 4 to rush back before Daddy leaves.

  3. I love that you bring your alarm clock under the covers with you. I like to get up early and catch up on my blog or blog reading. Sometimes it is the only time I have time for it.

  4. I had a laugh when I read your first paragraph. My alarm is set ahead of time too. I feel like it hurts less to get out of bed when you think it's later. Much better to get up at 4:45 than 4:37.

  5. I like my Nike sensor for helping track shoe mileage too! Super helpful. I use my iPhone alarm, but I have to put it across the room so I get up and get it. Otherwise, it's way too easy to just swipe it and knock back out. :)


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