April in Review

I feel like I am spinning crazily from one thing to the next. I am not reading blogs as much as I want, I am not commenting on Daily Mile as much as I want, but yet, I am adding in a zillion other fun things! There is just not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do! Does anyone else have this issue?

And hey, it is only a little over a week into May before I actually reflect back on April publicly!

The Numbers

If you saw my post earlier this month, I was shocked to realize I ran 175 miles in April. Check it out!

How on Earth did that happen without me fully realizing it? I am usually somewhat aware of my mileage for each month during the month. Or at least, I used to be. In April 2012 I ran 109 miles so I am feeling pretty confident with my training progression so far. April 30, 2013 marked day 488 of my running streak and brought me to 2,027 streak miles. I have run 559 miles in 2013 and am averaging 32.6 miles per week so far this year. Yippee! I am up from my average mileage reported in March (that was 29.8 miles per week) and almost back to where I was before March (that was 32.9 miles per week). Why does all this matter? Because I want to run 2,013 miles in 2013 so I need to continue to increase my average weekly mileage to get to that goal. It is still within reach so I am not giving up.

My Body and Mind

My body is feeling good. I still worry about that IT band issue that popped up in March every now and then but think I am doing well in preventative care. I am working on stretching and adding in other elements of strength training....well, on most days. I tried to do more Ab work in April. I started out good but in all reality, after the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge ended and the Jacaranda Race I wanted to do was cancelled, my mind left the running/training game some. I kept running but my heart was having a hard time being in it. But I regained my focus and am trying to not look back on what I didn't do but to look on what I did do and what I have the potential to continue to do.

I am working on fueling my body cleaner. I have said good bye to Gatorade and GU gels and have turned to the Vega Sport product line. The only item I am having a hard time adjusting to is the Endurance gel but I have only used two gels, one each in two separate runs. I am going to keep trying it out to see if I get better accustomed to the texture and taste. But I gotta say, I am loving the pre-workout drink in the mornings in place of coffee and the recovery drink right after my run. I still turn to protein powder as well but am doing so later in the day as part of my main breakfast. Working with a nutritionist is helping pinpoint when to eat what and how much. I look forward to reporting more on that later.

May Goals

This month I took on two new running clients and I am striving to be a good source of information and motivation for them while they move through their training plans. They both have completely different goals so I find it quite fun to provide guidance and loved making each of their individual training plans. I just love running and making training plans that much!

Personally, I want to get back into my core strength workouts in addition to the almost daily squats I am doing. I want to stick to my training plan, grow my tempo run, and build up my weekly mileage a wee bit more. Wish me luck!

Finally, I am a sponsored participant in the Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign and invite you to join my team.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for cell phones and the ability to talk to darling daughter when dear hubby brings her to school...even on those days when she is having a rough morning.
Daily Affirmation: I can dig deep and find my inner strength when I need to do so.


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  2. Sorry having computer issues!

    Awesome job and congrats! Good luck with starting the core training. I began doing that this week and forgot how tired/sore your muscles initially feel. Went for a 6 mile run today and only got a little more than 4. Need to build the legs back up a bit, I guess!

    Kevin Wood - Mud Runner

  3. Great job with the April mileage and taking on two new running clients. Sounds like you are staying busy!

  4. Those monthly numbers are pretty impressive. I'm sure you'll reach your year goal if you keep on the way you've been going.

  5. You're totally kicking axx and taking names! Great job!!


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