Am I a kindrunner?

Recently, kindrunner approached me about being an ambassador and asked me to blog about their movement. My life was busy full and I replied, I will get back to you as I need time to think. But then all I could think about was kindrunner. The name intrigued me. Their introductory email that talked about turning old running shoes into new shoes for someone in need intrigued me. Okay, kindrunner was now on the top of my to do list to investigate.

I checked out their website, which is still a temporary website with minimal information as they are not formally launching until June 1st. That isn't too far away! And the first thing I did was watch this video. I loved the what if questions. The idea of a new running partner. The images. The brands represented. Really, go check it out. It is worth watching yourself.

But in a nutshell, here is what kindrunner is hoping to achieve.

They want to by a new running partner for runners. A team of runners with a combined 40+ years of experience working in the running industry are beginning this movement. And what is the movement? The movement to take all those running shoes that are no longer good for running miles and change them into something good. We all have those shoes somewhere. Perhaps in our closet. Hopefully not in the landfill. Perhaps they are donated and that is good.

But honestly, we can all strive to do things just a bit better. I must confess, I do have plenty of retired running shoes in my closet. Dear hubby has some lining the steps outside our house. I do occasionally clean up my stash and donate to a local thrift store that supports a local church and preschool. But I often wonder if someone else really will wants to pay a $1, $5, or whatever for my old sweaty shoes. Is this the right thing to do? At one moment of weakness I even tossed a pair into our trash can. Dear hubby pulled them out and donated them for me. Thank goodness! He saved me from feeling guilty that night and digging through our trash can dark and early the next morning. I would have. It is good to have a team...a partner...that encourages you to be more kind.

I think kindrunner could be that additional partner in my life. Imagine this. I need new running shoes. I go to their website, pick out a brand and model I like, have them shipped to me with no shipping charges, and receive a pre-paid return label. You can then stuff as many shoes as you can fit in the box you received your shoes in and send them back. It is true. I asked. What if you have more shoes you want to donate to the cause? You can send them yourself to their mailing address, which will be available on their site. Again, I asked. However, if you are good and let go of a pair of shoes for each new pair you receive, it will be easy and at no additional cost to you! And you will receive "Kindness Cash Rewards" to be used towards future purchases.

That is all nice for you but what about those old shoes? Where is the good in that?

Kindrunner will give the shoes to their donation partners, which includes Soles 4 Souls and the More Foundation, to benefit people truly in need. The shoes get refurbished and that is the one element my donation to a local thrift store is missing. They just get my old shoes....not my old shoes but better!

I am eager to what kindrunner unfold and grow into an awesome running partner. You can be part of it too! They are already on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube. And on their website right now, you can enter your email for the chance to win a free pair of running shoes for a year!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for people reaching out to me and learning new things.
Daily Affirmation: I have the power to be a kindrunner!

P.S. I was not compensated for this post. I was asked to write it as part of the kindrunner ambassador program. Ambassadors may receive product to receive at times for product reviews. This opinions expressed are solely my own and honestly, I wanted to write this post as it is aligned with my passions in life - being a runner and setting a good example of taking better care of the Earth for my darling daughter.


  1. Great information! I am excited to learn more about KindRunner. What a great concept. I am a KindRunner ambassador too, and I truly believe in their mission.

  2. I also jumped on board because it is such a great idea!

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Love this!


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