Strength Training Week 1

Loving the red path!
Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I don't know about you but I had a fantastic weekend and what I enjoyed the most, besides being with my family, was doing some work in the garden. Even though we rent, I love being able to work in the soil and make improvements. And I love that our landlord allows us this freedom. It makes me feel happy and I feel it allows me to teach darling daughter just what it means to take care of the Earth.

But onto running!

What did I run?

I ran 43.93 miles this week, just up a hair from last week. In all reality, my goal was 40 miles. The plan goal was 38-47 miles. Why was I aiming for 40? Because I have been building for three weeks and know historically this is about where my body gives in and craves a recovery week and a cut in mileage. With that said, I was also determined to hit my training daily and run according to plan and I did. However, this week it took some double days and breaking mileage into pieces to achieve my goal and I am okay with that since I do plan to do that on many days throughout my training this year. Here is my visual of my running this week:

How am I feeling?

I am feeling good. I know it may be a bummer to keep hearing I am feeling good if you are in a rut but I promise to be honest and I will tell you when I am feeling blech. I did wake up grouchy on Saturday and had to give myself a virtual kick in the butt with this Finding Motivation post and it worked. In all reality, I think I was just bummed to have to break up my long run. I wasn't overly excited to run long in the gym. But I did what I had to do and that is what matters in the long run. Nice pun there too!

But I did have hurdles this week and that was associated to transitioning from base training to strength training. I now have tempo runs on my plate and that worried me. Could I do it? Could I pick up my pace and grow my tempo run? Can I run a tempo run 7 seconds faster per mile than my tempo runs before? And on Wednesday, I successfully ran my 3 mile tempo run. Let's not think about this coming Wednesday yet....

What did I learn?

I am stronger than I give myself credit for. And I am liking how I feel sticking to my plan. I love that I built this plan on solid training principles and with my personal goals and needs in mind. Each week supports the benefit of having a training range per day for myself. I am building that same element into the training plan for my clients. It gives you flexibility per day and I feel as a running mom this is essential. And keeping my miles in the plan range is keeping me strong and injury free. Although, I do feel my hips are getting ready for another chiropractic session but that is okay since it is almost at that 4-week mark.

How did I fuel?

I am almost 100% Vega Sport now. My protein powder isn't and that is okay. I have a huge tub I bought on sale that is yummy delicious and made from ingredients I have no real issues with. I said good bye to Gatorade this week and tried the Vega Sport hydrator. One pack does 8 ounces of water but I still used one pack in my 12 ounce sports bottle. I am not doing the 1/2 pack thing and think it is okay. It is a yummy flavor and a pretty pink color. Gotta love that! This week I used one Vega Sport Endurance Gel during the 10 mile portion of my long run on Saturday. It was the raspberry flavor and it was much nicer. Perhaps I knew what to expect with texture. Perhaps I just prefer raspberry over orange zest. Time will tell since I still have one more of each to try before selecting my official go to.

I have said good bye as well to a morning coffee before running before work. Instead, I am drinking the Vega Sport pre-workout energizer and no, this isn't a Vega Sport sponsored post. I purchased all these items myself as I have always been wanting to try the product line. I want to eat clean and run clean. I will keep you in the loop on how it is all working out for me. It is too early to really say.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for hardware stores and garden centers. Just walking inside can make me happy!
Daily Affirmation: I am growing spiritually.


  1. That's a really solid week of training. It must be tough to have to run twice in a day because of time constraints. It's all well and good lacing up once but having to do it later on would do my head in.

  2. Holy high mileage - you rock! My comfortable base is 20 miles/week, and my push it base is 35/week. But, I only ever train for halfs, so that's adequate. Nice work!

  3. Way to go! You should be so proud!

  4. I love all of vega except the gels, I just can't take them! Glad you are feeling so great in your training!!

  5. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I've seen your posts in the past couple weeks about your base training and it has made me think about what I want to do coming back from this running vacation I have had. How did you pick the base plan that you followed? I ran extensively from Nov 2011-Feb 2013 building a base to increase endurance and culminate with three half marathons to qualify me as a Half Fanatic. But when I was done with that last half this past February, I told myself that I needed to roll back the running and concentrate on strength training.

    Well, I kind of feel like a bum because I am not following a plan getting ready for a half. My next half isn't until October. I say all this to really get back to my original question, how did you decide on the base training schedule you followed? I'm ready to get back to running as before I kick off half training again.

    1. I have contacted you directly but for all, I am a certified RRCA running coach and love making plans. I will have all the details on my blog soon but don't hesitate to contact me before then if you have questions!

  6. Actually I really want to learn more.


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