Running: Base Building

The cold bug may be out of our household soon....I hope. I seem to be back to normal. Darling daughter has a lingering cough at night time but not too bad at all. But dear hubby seems to be hit full force yesterday and spent a good portion of yesterday in bed. A quarantine may be in order to nip this bug in the bud!

Still, I have been running...just a bit more at home on the incline treadmill than I would have hoped. Saturday was a home run as dear hubby promised darling daughter she could go pick strawberries Saturday morning and he works on Saturdays. I knew we had to get there bright and early before they were over picked; therefore, no gym. I made up for it running wise by running 5 miles in the morning and another 3.5 in the afternoon. I was going for 4-5 miles but darling daughter started to doze and a nap completely interferes with bedtime. So I abandoned my run so we could get playing!

Yesterday I made a nice breakfast for darling daughter and I that included fresh picked strawberries with homemade waffles - that are made with banana. Darling daughter really does not like banana and I do have to sneak them into her diet. Sorry, I love them too much and know they are so good for you so I am determined. Ironically, she will beg and plead for banana swirl. Go figure - freeze and puree a banana and she will devour it...with sprinkles please! After breakfast I hit the incline mill and hammered out a nice 5 mile run. It was just what I needed to work through some tremendous grouchies. Sorry family. I have been missing my dad a wee bit more and it seems to make me low on patience. Thing is, I am thankful he is not suffering with leukemia and its nasty treatments anymore. And I feel his presence on a regular basis. But I will never not miss him and that is just how I live. And once again, I am thankful because his loss transformed me to someone who cherishes each moment and each step running just a wee bit more.

Which brings me to today. I am on vacation! Okay, just a couple of days as darling daughter has this week off of school for Easter break. We started our day at the gym where I ran 4 miles. My plan had 3-4 on the plate and I managed to do 4 uncomfortable miles. It is funny how sometimes easy, short runs seem so hard. It is easy to fall into the doubt trap about your long running capabilities. But hey, these tough runs make those runs where you actually get runner's high more pleasant! And today marks day 1 of 21 in my base building phase of my new training plan for this year. I broke it into cycles as I have a lot of weeks on it. My goal races are the Maui Marathon in September and Honolulu Marathon in December. I have big goals! So right now, I am building up my miles at my easy pace. It will be hard as tempo runs and intervals break up the monotony of running. The good news - each day is a planned range of miles to allow me to listen to my body. And my target paces are ranges allowing me some leeway in playing with pace to break any boredom. Plus I can toy with incline when at the gym or distract myself outside.

Now for a completely unrelated question - I have a new computer at home with Windows 8 and the view keeps changing from 100% to 105% or 120% etc. Anyone have any idea what I am accidentally doing to make this happen? It is annoying me to keep going to the settings icon to put zoom back to a normal 100%.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for new flowers in the garden.
Daily Affirmation: I will crush my base training!


  1. You should be able to change the screen view with 'control' '-' (right next to the '+' ;) Happens to me all the time!

  2. The idea of pancakes with fresh-picked strawberries and banana is making me salivate. There is nothing better than strawberries that you've picked yourself.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss hon....I can't imagine!

  4. I do that on my computer sometimes too and I can't figure how it happens..but it is annoying!

    Sorry you are missing your Dad.

  5. Sounds like wonderful goals to look forward to! Would love to do those races sometime, but it's a bit involved for us to travel. :)


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