Making Ripples

My head has been swarming with thoughts and very few are anywhere near coherent or blog worthy. I feel my blogging has drifted to the sidelines and in fact, my thought was to not blog today but just leave you with an image. I still will....at the end.

But then something amazing happened that changed my perspective. And that is a story worth telling.

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? I am sure many of you have but in a nutshell the idea is that a small change can have a huge effect. The flutter of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane. Okay, I am not convinced that the storm effect is 100% true but the idea is still sound. Small changes can lead to huge effects. Do you agree? I hope so.

Today I woke up at 4:00 am and didn't want to get out of bed. In fact, the idea of curling up and staying all day in bed with darling daughter sounded like perfection. But I knew my pre-workout drink was waiting for me, I had to go to work, darling daughter had to go to school, so I pulled myself out of bed to see a text I received last night at 10:30 pm. One Boston suspect was dead and the police were going door-to-door for the second. Tears welled up, I got chills, and thanked God they were found. However, the news changed within minutes on my drive to the gym. The police were,and still are, looking for the second suspect. I felt sickened.

Once I got to the gym there was a man curled up, covered, sleeping on the sidewalk. It made me nervous. I didn't like the feeling. I walked on. I felt bad. My run was emotionally hard and at 4.6 miles I started to feel the emotions settling and my head clearing. As the end of my run approached, the heaviness started coming back in. But something changed. Me. The run changed me.

As I walked out of the gym the man was still curled up sleeping but I wasn't nervous anymore. I felt compassion. I walked by, got in my car, and could only think - I want to give him something to eat. I sat there puzzled until I remembered I had a granola bar in my lunch bag. I grabbed it, got out of the car, and quietly left it by his side. I didn't plan to be sneaky but as I got closer I could only think, I don't want to disturb his slumber, I don't want to hurt his pride. And as I walked back to the car I smiled. I felt sneaky. Good sneaky. And that was my first smile of the day.

I typically find a smile or two during my runs but not this week. It took change. A change in my mindset and my perspective. I was feeling small and useless sitting here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. How can I make a difference anywhere it is truly needed sitting here? And then through a random anonymous act of kindness I found my smile. I made a ripple.

Each day we each get to choose to make a ripple or not. You may see my ripple today as small and it is. A granola bar is indeed small in the grand scheme of life. But each ripple we make grows. My little ripple here in the middle of the Pacific has already extended beyond my state and perhaps beyond my country. You are hearing about it right now...and perhaps sharing it. My little ripple has made a difference. But more importantly, my little ripple changed me. It made me smile. And when I am feeling happy and good about myself, I am a better mom, wife, and employee. A better me who will make more ripples. And it goes on and on and on.....

My little ripples will grow and bring happiness, strength, compassion, love, etc. around the world. Will you join me?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my first smile today.
Daily Affirmation: I am a good mom.

P.S. The image I was originally going to leave for you is below. I have prayed so hard this week. Harder than usual. And with that in mind I wanted to leave you The Lord's Prayer in a Wordle!


  1. I love your blog. I love reading your thoughts and knowing I'm not alone in the mom world. This week I've been weepy and sad and today I finally feel like I'm digging my way out. The weather here is awful but I'm overjoyed with comfort for some reason. Have a good weekend out there in the Pacific Ocean. I'm celebrating with a pollen covered porch in West Georgia! :)

  2. Kindness to a T! Your a doll, Lady! I can truly say that I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for fueling my dreams....

  3. Thank you for this. I'm welling up! Such an emotional week and such a time to make small changes and take comfort in the smiles we can share.

  4. Great post! During such an emotional time of so much uncertainty here in MA, I am choosing to try and focus on the good ripples...the ones that lead to joy!

  5. Thank heavens for positive ripples in a very trying week! So glad you are smiling!

  6. What a beautiful story, I know that the poor man felt better when he woke up to that treat. Small gifts add up and spread the love, even when we don't see the end result.

  7. That just made me smile. I'm trying to picture that man waking up to his surprise granola bar, puzzled and thankful. I had the same feelings about being extra nice - spreading kindness instead of pain. It doesn't take much. Opening a door for someone else. Smiling and engaging with someone. Giving out a cupcake or two. It's something everyone can do.

  8. bless you for this...you are an awesome woman.

  9. I get it. And have done this too... cups of cofee, treats for homeless dogs...
    Any kindness is a good and positive thing and it does start ripples.

  10. That was an awesome random act of kindness you did! I was actually the recipient of something similar this past Christmas eve, as I was - very harried - running from store to store to get a couple of last minute things done. Going to pay at the grocery store, the cashier told me that the patron before had left $20 to put towards the groceries of whoever had followed. That happened to be me. Now, I don't need help paying for my groceries, thankfully, but I was too shocked. I couldn't think of what to do except to accept it. I felt that was an interesting lesson in and of itself. For as kind as some people want to be, others have to be willing to accept it. Anyway, I haven't forgotten that generosity, and when the moment presents itself, I fully plan on paying it forward. :)


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