Live Like You Were Dying

An act a day to a better you!
Have you heard this song by Tim McGraw --- Live Like You Were Dying? Most likely you have if you are a country music lover. If not, perhaps not. Every single time it comes on I am determined to not cry. But I do. And I did again this morning on my drive into work. I start off good but then when it references a patient receiving news they are going to die I just think of my Dad. How must he have felt when he got that news? And no, he didn't get to go skydiving or Rocky Mountain climbing or fulfill any lifelong dreams of things to do. He started treatments. Chemotherapy. Isolation. Nausea. Loss of Appetite. He suffered. But I am sure he loved my mom deeper if that was even possible. Those two are the epitome of love. High school sweethearts who still looked like high school sweethearts even after I got married.

I love the message of this song. It really promotes how delicate life is and how important it is to be the best you that you can be each and every minute. And each time I hear it I think of something new. Like today, I could try to talk a little sweeter all the time. If you are married you know that love for your spouse doesn't always translate to 100% sweetness. I am going to work on that. And as much as I would love to travel to Spain again, and I am sure dear hubby has a lot on his bucket list, I fear this song promoting the "just do it" attitude that it could lead to depression if a hurdle prevents a dream from happening. Yes, I would love to see Spain again. No, I will not let it get me down since I don't see how on Earth I can pull that off right now because I am surrounded by so many other blessings in life. I need to enjoy the presents in the present moment...as we all should do in order to truly be happy.

And that brings me to my run today, which happened before going to work. Yippee!!! I am so proud of myself. But it did take time to pull myself out of bed but not because I hit the snooze button. I turned my alarm off but I did snooze as I drifted back into my dream of being in a shoe store trying on all sorts of Saucony running shoes. The salesman even brought out a pair he was certain I would love....running heels. Was he crazy? And I told him as much in my dream. Yes, I may run in a running skirt but there is no way on this green Earth I will ever run in running heels! So if anyone thinks this is a good idea....STOP! Don't make them. Don't market them. It will be a flop! I am certain.

Fortunately, I woke up from my shoe shopping dream to really put on a pair of sensible Saucony, my Saucony Hurricane 14. In all reality, I chose them today since they are my only pair of running shoes with locklaces and I needed to make up some time from getting sucked back into dreamland. Yes, saving a few seconds by not having to tie your shoes was important to me this morning.

Did I find my strong on my run? Absolutely! I was blessed with an awesome assortment of songs that lifted my spirits. It started with Me and God by Josh Turner and that set the tone for my run. I immediately knew I was going to run by faith and trust that the song that came up next would set my pace. I altered between the upper and lower end of my easy running pace range. I always start on the low end. After a mile, I increased it with the beat of the next song. The songs were upbeat for quite awhile and then cycled song by song with an upbeat, slow beat, upbeat, slow beat, upbeat and then remained up until the finish. It was bliss and yes, I did go over my goal of 6 miles since I had to run to the end of the final song. Wouldn't you?

Today is completely jam packed with things to do. I skipped my ab workout this morning since I wanted those 6 miles and at first, I figured it would be fine to go without the abs but I don't want to. I will find a way to get them in even though my after work day is full. I must get those oranges on sale for $0.49 a pound since the sale is today only. And then dear hubby is picking darling daughter and I up for fishing night. I may even be a wee bit late home for our pick up time but he knows why and agrees, I must get those oranges. So it will be a late night and late showers so in all reality, my only options are do abs at work (not going to happen) or do abs at the beach in front of dear hubby's co-workers. Guess it will be option 2 and perhaps I can get a few to join in!

Have a wonderful Thursday and I must apologize for no Push It Wednesday post yesterday. I was in a complete funk but am much better today!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for songs that touch my heart.
Daily Affirmation: My determination is a personal strength.


  1. Running heels! Ha! Can you imagine? Glad you woke up and put on sensible shoes. Have fun fishing and hope you get your abs done.

  2. That's such a great reminder at the beginning of your post. It's hard not to get caught up in all the every-day stuff that you forget to see what's important. And I'll try to be nicer to my husband today too.

  3. Love that song....
    And I can't walk in heels, let alone run, LOL!

  4. Love that song and the message. Love, love, love.


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