Valley to the Sea Half Marathon - One more sleep

It is funny how a race you have always known about can still sneak up on you so quickly. It seems I went from 3 more weeks 'til race day to 1 more day in a blink of an eye. Am I ready? As ready as I will ever be!

I also find it ironic that a half marathon can trigger up more doubts in me than a full marathon. Don't get me wrong, I get jittery and doubtful with the full but half's make me more nervous. I am sure there is a rationale explanation. If you got it, please share! I would love to hear the psychology behind it. But I wonder if it is because I set my goals a bit higher, think I can go a bit faster, have a bit more to prove? And I can't blame the IT band issue a few weeks ago. I have gone into a marathon with a nagging cough and felt confident I would finish. So why do I fear not finishing a half marathon? And I think the proverbial light bulb just went off. If I run marathons and finish then I should be able to run half's and finish. To not finish a half would be more detrimental to one's ego than not finishing a full, right? Does typing that make me feel any better? Nope. Am I going to finish? I have faith.

My Dad, My Hero
Not only do I have faith, I have my Dad. His loss has been weighing heavily on my soul recently. I didn't realize how much until a song came on the radio a few days ago and the sense of loss came rushing to the forefront and it dawned on me why I have been feeling the way I have. Of course, I knew my Dad was on my mind. March 31st marks the anniversary of his entrance to Heaven. Yeah, I have a really hard time using the d word. My Mom has been on my mind. I have sent cards of support, we have talked, and I have been trying to be supportive as I know this is hard with March 31st also being Easter. I was so wrapped up in providing support I didn't realize that my own grief is still so tender. Honestly, I think it will always be that way. And before you think I have completely gone down the wrong road in this post, I am telling you this since tomorrow I will be racing in my Dad's memory. I have done this before for my first marathon. He is always on my mind with each and every run. I may even call out to him that I need his help. But tomorrow I am dedicating my race to him again. I can't think of a better way to run, overcome my fears, battle my perceived weaknesses, and embrace each step I have been blessed to take.

I don't know what my race time will be. I would love a PR. I see it as doable with part of the course being downhill. I expect the beach portion to slow me down. And I have faith I will finish just how I am supposed to. I believe I can run strong from start to finish. I plan to start smart. I would love to pull out some negative splits at the end but in all reality, they won't be true negatives as I expect my initial downhill pace will be faster than I usually go out on races. I will have fun. I will savor running outside with other runners. I am excited to see some running friends. And most important, I am ecstatic to see my dear hubby and darling daughter at the finish line.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the ability to write my thoughts and find my inner peace.
Daily Affirmation: I am going to kick some butt tomorrow!


  1. Go easy on the first three miles, they will be fast even without trying. However, too fast too early on the downhill will kill the quads for the rest of the run.

    1. Mahalo Matt for the advice! It always benefits me to listen to what you have to offer. :)

  2. It's lovely that you're running in honour of your Dad. I lost my Grandma a few years ago now and I always wear a locket in races as a token of her.

  3. I'm thinking good things for you today - you are strong and prepared for whatever comes your way.

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    You are so strong -- and I love that you are making positives out of an otherwise very difficult circumstance. You are an inspiration to MANY!!! :)


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