Treadmill Workout: 3-2-1 Boredom Buster

If it were feasible I would run every run outside. But it just doesn't work with my life, my schedule, my other commitments, etc. On most days, this doesn't bug me or bring me down. Some days, it does and I find myself envying those who can "easily" go out for a 20-mile run. I put easily in quotes because I am not saying the run in itself is easy. It's not. But it is easy when you don't have to arrange for childcare. I occasionally daydream of being a stay at home mom, dropping darling daughter off at school, and hitting the roads and running my little heart out, working my butt off, but blessed for the opportunity. I could then return home, make scrumptious and healthy food, and pick up darling daughter. Ahhh..... Okay, I will burst my own bubble now. That dream won't happen. So instead, I create fun runs on the treadmill for days when running in place feels like I am getting nowhere. And by nowhere I mean my training has plateaued or my mileage is not growing the way I want it to due to those time constraints. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Introducing my newest addition: The 3-2-1 Boredom Buster!

I created this on a run and on the day, I wasn't bored per se. I just wanted to change things up. In all reality, if I was running road side, my easy run days wouldn't be at the same pace like it can be on the treadmill. I don't run naturally that way. Does anyone? So I figured, why not change the pace a bit during a course of my run? And since I tend to be systematic in my approach to things, the idea of 3-2-1 popped into mind. Plus it breaks a chunk of running time into little segments (hence the boredom busting part for those who need it....or days when I need it).

If I am doing any run plan on the treadmill I always start with a 10-minute warm up. Adjust this if you need but for me, I do a 10-minute mile. It works well. I am warm and ready to go. Some may need more or less time and I do like the round mile versus a warm up of 0.87 mile. Odd....

After that you enter the running cycle of three parts. Three minutes of pace 1 (you can stick to 6.0 for a 10-minute mile), two minutes of pace 2 (your starting pace plus 0.2 or 6.2), and one minute of pace 3 (your starting pace plus 0.4 or 6.4). You then go back to 3 minutes of pace 1 and repeat as often as wished. If by chance you lose track of where you are, don't fret. There are too many things to worry about! Just keep running, smiling, and have fun!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for no rain this morning. Sorry, I am. I really don't like driving in the rain.
Daily Affirmation: I have the power to get faster and meet my running goals.

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