A Weekend of Running

Running makes me smile!
Monday came way too quick for me this week. And I know it is because my weekend was crazy busy and wonderfully full of good running things. And not all of the running meant time on my feet. But I am also happy to announce that my time on my feet is steadily increasing and I am feeling so good about it! So good that I would love to pound out a 10-miler today but I am keeping myself in check for the greater goals in life. 

First, I must say, if you are forced want to take some time off of running to heal recover take advantage of the added time in your life and get some sleep. It was wonderful to get some extra zzz's and hey, it helps promote healing! Go ahead, go to bed early, sleep in, savor the moment!

But does that mean I was snoozing all weekend? Hardly so. In fact, I got up earlier than usual on Saturday and Sunday so I could run before attending RRCA Running Coach class. But before I get into that, let's talk running.

On Saturday morning I was scared. I still have that underlying fear that a run will push me to the verge of pain again. That a run could leave me like the poor lady I met this weekend who hasn't been able to run for 15 months due to IT band issues. It is a real concern although logically I think I am not at that point because I didn't try to run through pain. She did. More than once. She learned her lesson. I am trying to learn from others and not repeat the same mistakes. And yes, I responded quickly but does that mean I am good to go? Part of me says yes. I corrected the issue by getting back into alignment. You can read about that HERE. But then there is the part of my mind asking me what came first? The chicken or the egg? Did being out of alignment tweak my IT band (I am leaning to yes) or did my IT band pull me out of alignment (obviously, I am leaning to no)? But honestly, who am I to say? Clearly the egg came first since the chicken hatches from it. But wait, you need a chicken to lay an egg. You see where I am going?

You are correct! I am going down a tangent and far away from talking about what I ran Saturday! My goal/hope was to break the 2 mile mark. It seems pathetic that a running mom who trains for half and full marathons is worried about a measly 2 miles. Why 2 miles? Everything I read says the IT band tends to start complaining in the first 1-2 miles of a run. Okay. I had done a string of 1, or just over a mile, runs. I was okay. 2 miles. Hadn't touched it yet. It was time. And my fear escalated as I got closer to the mark. Ironically, or fortunately, the song If I Were Jesus came on at about mile 1.6 and carried me to mile 2.1. I focused on the words of the song. Visualized images and refused to look at where I was in my run until the song was over. I ended with 3.44 miles and my pace was slightly slower at 10'11" overall.

Pace. I tend to slow if I have issues going on. Makes sense, right? You are recovering from a long race or hard run, run slow. But from what I have read, the IT band doesn't care about pace. You can run fast and it can get mad. You can run slow and it can get mad. So not fair. Just thought I would add those two cents before moving to Sunday.

Sunday. Time flies! Once again, I got up early to run before class. My intention was to do an easy run but once I started running I wanted more. I must confess, the lower mileage is hurting my ego. I know it is good for me and all but I love the bigger numbers. Don't we all? And if I can't run 10 miles, I want to run an awesome hardly any miles. I ended with 4.55 miles on Sunday. I did a mile warm up at a 10'00" pace, 2.5 miles at tempo pace (about 8'27"ish) and cooled down for just over a mile at slower than 10'00". Towards the end, I did a few minutes at 10'40". It just seemed like the right thing to do. 

I think my IT band and knee are holding up well. I don't feel pain when I run. That is for sure. I do notice slight aches in my knee at night but as soon as I move, it is happy. The IT band itself is less tight and seems normal for me. I am stretching diligently daily but not going all out crazy. Yes, you can go all out crazy with stretching. And today, as much as I want to continue to grow those miles I think I may run shorter. Time will tell as I am running later in the day. 

It is hard to know what is right or wrong to do right now. I know many other runners face the same predicaments. I know that race less that 14 days away is toying with my mind and my decisions. But I am trying to stay focused and do what is smart. But I still have to question - Am I being too cautious? Am I being too ambitious? Am I being just right?

And one last thing....the RRCA Running Coach Class: When I wasn't running this weekend, I spent over 16 hours with 11 other people who love to talk about running! Life is sweet! Too bad I couldn't have that and my time with my daughter. What can I say? I feel like I lost precious time with her this weekend. I know she is fine. I will be fine. The class was good for me. Now I just need to move on with it, face the fear of failure and take the test within 30 days. Oh my!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunities in my life.
Daily Affirmation: I am strong. My knee is strong. My knowledge base is strong.


  1. Glad you were able to get in some longer runs this weekend and spend some time with a lot of other people who are also very passionate about running. That is always fun in my book!

  2. It's so tough coming back from an injury. There are so many questions and no one seems to be able to give you a definitive answer. Then add to that the pressure of an up-coming race and you can go just a little crazy. But it really sounds like you've got it all under control and you're taking it cautiously. There's not much more that you can do.


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