Putting my #bestfoot forward

Historically, February is a really tough month for me. It is busy at work. It is darling daughter's birthday and a reminder of how quickly time flies by. My Dad's birthday would have been the 22nd. I still miss him greatly and do feel missing him does weigh a bit more on me this time of the year. Next month will mark the anniversary of his death. And all this together makes it really easy for me to start feeling down on myself and get overly critical. You can read about how I felt similar almost two years ago HERE.

I started an official half marathon training plan a couple of weeks ago and so far it has been one big flop. It made me question if I am really doing my best. I am not hitting the miles I want to run and as much as I believe all my "excuses" are valid, I wonder how tough I am.

I strongly believe in continual improvement and believe we each have something we can work on. Honestly, I think I need to work on incorporating a better meditation plan before next February but all things come one step at a time. This year, and last year, my February running goals are always BIG but essentially the core is the same. Do better than last year. And how am I doing to date? Let's look at February 1st to the 11th for the past three years.

When I see that how can I feel bad? Yes, I haven't run as much as the plan says but I am doing wonderful. I am still running daily. And I am not doing just a mile. I should be proud of myself not questioning my strength. But sometimes it is hard to go it alone. And that is why I blog and constantly look forward to motivation from others, such as Amanda from Run to the Finish.

I am joining in on her Spring Bootie Buster Challenge because I honestly feel the past two Holiday Bootie Buster Challenges have been great for me. It isn't the challenge itself but the amazing people it brings together. Hearing their stories. Their struggles. It is the sense of community. The record keeping. The knowing it is just one day at a time. One change at a time. One #bestfoot at a time. I love it and invite you to join in on the fun.

Amanda has changed things up this time and I think it levels the playing field. She felt it was geared towards runners since so many runners are out their blogging. You earned a point per mile run. I had no issues with it and happily logged my points. However now it is a point per 10 minutes. I LOVE IT! Her thought was it leveled the field for activities beyond running. I agree but I think it takes it one step further. It levels the field for runners. We all run at different speeds. Some are naturally fast like dear hubby. Some are a bit on the slower side, like me. Some are just starting out like my little sister, who I am trying to coax into joining in on the fun as she is on a mission to get into shape. This community would serve her well! But now each person's 10 minutes of their best counts the same whether they do 2 miles, 1 mile, or even half a mile. They did 10 minutes of exercise and that is AWESOME! Thanks Amanda for making this switch because I love the level field and honestly, I will feel less "pathetic" about my slow miles on the incline treadmill at home!

If you join the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, please let Amanda know Erica G sent you.

And since I am a sucker for challenges, comment below on ones that you have found splendid!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for this awesome no occasion just because I love you gift from my mom. Yep, an Under Armour shirt!
Daily Affirmation: I see all the beauty and grace which is around me with loving gratitude.


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