My 5 Tips for Running Daily

This year I want to be running 38 mile weeks. Okay, in all reality, I want to go beyond 38 mile weeks into the 40's and perhaps some in the 50's. I am ambitious and am constantly setting higher goals for myself. But I am also a full-time employee, a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a blogger, and an ambassador. All of these are just as important to me as running, running daily, and achieving my running goals.

But how do I find the time to run daily when life seems so full? Here are my five tips.

1. Make it a priority. Over a year ago running was my time to do something fun and good for myself. Running still holds that allure for me but the thing is, I changed my perspective of running from I will do this if I have time to I will do this every day. I will find the time.

2. Do it first and get it done with. I am not saying this to make it sound like a chore but initially, I forced myself to get the run done first thing to ensure I had the time to do it. I was too afraid things would come up and pull me away from my run so I made it my first task for the day. And hey, it is really cool to start the day with something fun, right? But  now after 402 consecutive days of running I know I will get my run in later in the day if I don't first thing. No doubts. No fears. I know I will find the time. Perhaps some runs may end up shorter but they will happen. But I don't totally tempt fate. For example, I knew Friday was going to be a late working day so I made myself run early. 5 miles before work was a blessing. And I wanted to run early Saturday but with a late night and an early rise to manage the course for a local race, it wasn't going to happen. But I knew I would find the time later in the day. And I did.

3. Do not feel guilty. It is okay and right to take time for yourself each day. Do not feel guilty about doing it because in all reality, do you think others are going to give up things they want to do all the time for you? Why should you constantly give up taking care of yourself? And when you do take care of yourself, you are a better person in all aspects of your life. You are worthy of your own attention, love, and care.

4. Communicate. I know, the c word - communication. We hear it all the time and often in this context, we need better communication. But seriously, talk about your goal to run daily, or whatever activity you want to do daily. Make it clear such as, I want and will take care of myself 10 minutes each day. The duration can vary but the statement is the same - I will take time each day to take care of me. My family knows my goal. I can't say they always agree but they know it and it has become the norm now. Just yesterday when I was lingering a bit longer with my breakfast and coffee darling daughter started pounding her feet around the house going boom, boom, boom. I finally realized she was mimicking the treadmill sound. I asked her about it and she returned my question with a question - Mommy, are your doing your run today at home? Note, she didn't ask if I was running today but clarifying where. And yes, I ran at home, at an incline, for over an hour and loved it!

5. Listen to your body. I can't promote any fitness routine and list tips without emphasizing the importance of really listening to your body enough. It will tell you what's up. There is pushing it and pushing it too far. Don't go too far. That is when injuries occur. And get rid of that silly ego that wants you to always go longer and faster. It is okay, and I strongly recommend, going slow on a regular basis. Your body will thank you and reward you with more running/fitness time!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my time each day.
Daily Affirmation: I am balanced in life.


  1. Great tips! I would love to be able to get a run in everyday - perhaps that should be one of my goals! I'll try and remember your tips when it comes time (when my foot is healed enough from breaking it) to be able to start running daily!

  2. Amen sister! Where there's a will there's a way.

  3. Great tips!!! I agree to get it done first so there is nothing that can get in between you and your run!! I need to get rid of the guilt too...especially on the weekends!

  4. Great tips!! I need to adapt these as I start to run and learning to run. Thank you!


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