Push It Wednesday!

Sometimes a new year indicates new changes. I know many people make resolutions but many resolutions are left to the wayside. Perhaps because they were too restrictive or not realistic. But I am not going full blown into my 2013 resolutions just yet as today is Wednesday...the first Wednesday of 2013. And I am launching Push It Wednesday! posts to replace my Wordless Wednesday posts of last year.

  • I have adhered to Push It Wednesday in my three months of training for the Honolulu Marathon and I feel the commitment is making a huge impact on my racing. 
  • This is a running blog and I like to talk running.
  • I hope that it may inspire just one other person to step out of their comfort zone and up their training just a wee bit.

What is Push It Wednesday!?
  • A frame of mind.
  • A commitment to go outside my comfort zone.
  • A day dedicated to tempo runs or speed works.
  • A day to try something new or run a bit harder.
  • A day to do the training run I should do even if it isn't the run I want to do.

How did today go?
After morning breakfast dear hubby headed out for his run and darling daughter and I headed to the gym for my run. My goal - a tempo run. I did speedwork last Wednesday so the tempo run was the next Push It Wednesday! on my plate. I have to add....I am training for the Run for the Whales Half Marathon on February 2nd even though I haven't officially registered yet...and I haven't created an official training plan. It is odd for me to be winging it like this but hey, life happens!

I definitely wasn't eager to do the tempo run. I never am. And as much as I knew I could just postpone the tempo run and do it tomorrow, and yes the thought did cross my mind, it wouldn't be right. I wanted to stick to the idea behind Push It Wednesday! and if I can do the run, I should run the run. Right?

I coaxed myself by saying I just had to do 3 miles at tempo pace but I knew I really wanted 4 miles at tempo pace. Often I do set A and A+ goals for my runs. Just do this and you succeeded, do this and you really succeeded. It helps take the pressure off and lets me really read my body and how it is feeling during the run.

After running a mile warm-up at a 10'00" pace I increased the pace to 8'34", my target tempo pace, and tried not to focus on the time slowly going by. I kept looking at the Push Your Limits sign on the gym wall, I tried to tune into the music, I contemplated other things, and eventually I got into my groove. After 1.5 more miles I told myself I was halfway to my A goal but was already formulating an A++ goal in my mind. What can I say? By the time I completed 3 miles at my tempo pace I had a feeling 4 miles wouldn't make me the happiest and I committed myself to 5 miles at tempo, completed the 5 miles, and tacked on one cool down mile at my 10'00" easy pace.

You see, I am off of work this week and had childcare for up to two hours. I could run the extra with no real implications. This won't always be the case. So it was foolish to not push my limits and take the tempo run a mile longer....and that is how I love Push It Wednesday! to be.

Not all Wednesdays will be so lucky as often I will need to run before work. But part of the pushing it part is getting up early enough to run the run I scheduled myself to run. Sometimes it may be cut short but one way I tend to adapt is to cut my warm-up and cool down back to 0.5 miles each. I really like the warm up before increasing my pace from my easy pace. And I really feel the cool down is good mental training to keep on going when my legs may be feeling tired or my mind has already cheered by completing its tempo or speed goal.

How did you push yourself today?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the time I have had recently to crochet more.
Daily Affirmation: I am strong enough to not always listen to my thoughts of doubt or weakness.


  1. Love the idea of Push it Wednesday!! I like how it gave you the motivation to go the extra distance? I may need to try this. Nice run btw!

  2. WoW!! That's amazing that you can talk yourself into running further. I need to get better at that!! I'm really good at talking myself out of running! LOL!!


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