Being the Klutz

It's Monday morning. Do any of us really want it to be Monday? Didn't think so. Let's go back in time a bit.

The Wine Glass
Months ago I was at a friend's house. In fact, it may have been October for the surprise birthday party for me but the date really doesn't matter. I was holding darling daughter to get her a cup for some water. And being the graceful person I am, my hand brushed against an empty wine glass on the counter. Oopsie! Have you ever seen something in slow motion? It kinda rocks! I promise you, it felt like I had a whole minute to try to catch that falling wine glass three times before I shrugged and watched it hit the ground. Don't worry. No one was hurt. I put darling daughter safely on the chair and helped clean up my mess.

The Phone
Now fast forward to last Saturday. Life just flies by, doesn't it? I was running happily along at the gym on the treadmill. Really, I was. The run was love at first step but we can get back to that in a minute. I am sure anyone who has ran at the gym has seen someone drop something while on the treadmill or perhaps you have done it yourself. I even read a story about a lady who fell off the treadmill and then her friend fell off the treadmill. Things happen. And I have to confess, Saturday was my turn to drop my hand a bit too much while I daydreamed during my run, it snagged my earphone cord, and yep, slow motion. I really did feel I had the time to put my hand under that bouncing phone and catch it before it catapulted off the treadmill but alas, my hand went a bit too far to the left. The phone fell, dangled a moment, broke free from the earphone cord, crashed down, and rolled to the ground. What did I do? Kinda just watched it at that point, stopped the treadmill, grabbed my phone, plugged in the cord, and kept on running.

The Moral of the Story
If the only thing that is hurt is your pride, keep on running.

I was pondering this moral and the number of times I have seen someone drop something and then stop running. Like every time. In the story I read the ladies left and didn't even stop the treadmill. Why? Does anyone think less of you for being a klutz? No. And that ignited my desire to tell my tale and encourage everyone to get back on that treadmill and keep on running!

The Phone Take 2
You would think that would be the end of the tale but in less than three minutes it happened again. And no, it wasn't me this time. It was the lady right next to me. She got the opportunity to drop her phone, get off the treadmill, pick it up, and guess what? She got back on too! I would love to say I sent the fine example that you can be a klutz and keep running without harm. Perhaps I did. Perhaps I didn't. But hey, it does sound nice if I did, doesn't it?

The Run
I ended up running my happiest and longest run since the Honolulu Marathon, 9.11 miles. It felt great, I felt great, and I am eager to keep building up miles! If only I could get my bootie out of bed early enough each day to accomplish my dreams!

Mommy and Me Lesson
I am a firm believer that running makes me a better mom. I love setting the example of a healthy, active life for darling daughter and aim to make choices that make her life healthier and more active as well. Post run we were in the locker room and she dropped her cereal. She was devastated. Crying devastated. I calmed her down, helped her pick it up, and then she dropped the few remaining pieces that were left in the container. Devastation part 2. After we cleaned it all up and she opted for a granola bar I told her the phone story. That brought a smile to her face and we were good to go for the rest of the day!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the FREE gifts in my life recently: a cookbook, a mammogram, a flu shot for me, a flu shot for darling daughter, and FREE child care at the gym for the weekend! Woo-hoo! Life is grand!
Daily Affirmation: I make every act an act of love, freedom, mastery, and hope.


  1. You are not the only running mom klutz around these parts. I am waiting for the day I go face first on the treadmill. I know it will happen, I only hope for few witnesses. If we can't laugh at ourselves, we are truly in trouble.

  2. I'm a new follower and just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your posts. What programme do you do your motivational pics in? I do some similar on my blog but like some of the fonts you're using. I hope you pop by sometime and follow if you like it

    Shona :)

  3. Good job!! You did set a great example for the lady next to you!! Way to be positive!!


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