Woo-Hoo! 3 more days!

The Honolulu Marathon is just around the corner. I am still coughing but getting into my normal jitters and excitement mode. I followed my gut instincts, and the advice from friends on Daily Mile, to just run a mile today (and the next couple of days) to give my lungs more time to heal. I am annoyed I got sick this week but there isn't much I can do about it but be smart. And hey, those few miles I didn't run today...I won't regret them Sunday if it means I am able to run better Sunday.

And another thing bugging me is the amount of spam comments my blog has been getting recently....and some have been sneaking through and being posted instead of going to the spam folder. So sorry gang, I enabled captcha again since I won't necessarily be online daily to weed through the spam. I know, it is an added step but hope it doesn't add too much burden to those of you who really do want to comment something relevant instead of saying how awesome, well-written, and insightful my posts are and referring me to their site at x, y, z. Really? A list of songs is well-written, a post on cold sores is profound? Craziness! Regardless, I wanted to explain the switch and apologize for any inconvenience. I hope it is just a temporary thing.

But on to good news. The weather reports are saying the winds should be coming back and pushing the vog away. Triple woo-hoo's from me! Now please, please, please be right because I don't like the voggy look or what it does to me as it always messes with my respiratory track. And when the radio announcer said she kinda liked the "wintery" look my instant thought was she was crazy! But then she continued to say if this is our worst we are pretty lucky because her family is freezing in Canada. Darnit...she's right. And I think it may clear up more since the sun is shining and I can see the West Maui mountains from my window again. Not crystal clear but they are there. See?

Do you have a problem with spam comments on your blog? What do you do?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the support from the virtual running community.
Daily Affirmation: I choose to move forward, always seeking what is positive.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! -I hate spammers. I think every since I started using the comment moderation and word verification the spammers slowly went away. I still get one from time to time but not often. The word verification is annoying when you are trying to leave a comment but it does help with the spammers.

  2. Very profound thoughts. Come to my site at blahblahblah.blah ;) I haven't gotten many spammers at all, but I doubt I get nearly as many hits or have as many followers either.

    I'm sure that cold will be goooone by Sunday! Enjoy the marathon!!

    1. Thanks for the chuckles! Much needed for stress relief today. :)

  3. I wish you an awesome time for the Honolulu marathon !!
    Also wonder if you ever tried The Kahakuloa Coast Run and Relay on Maui?

  4. Good luck on the race! As to SPAM, I use Akismet with Wordpress and have never had a SPAM comment get through. I think it's time to make the switch! :-)


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