The Secret to Happiness

is veggie purees! 

I am just kidding but I had to add this in since I am being asked for how I use them and I really do promise to write that post. I was tempted to talk recipes today but hey, it is Christmas Eve so I have to talk about happiness. Okay, maybe I don't have to but I want to. So in the meantime, why don't I promise to launch the puree post Wednesday?

What is the secret to happiness? Perspective. Plain and simple. Yes, I honestly do believe this.

Throughout most of my life I have been plagued with the holiday blues. It seemed November and December were emotionally heavy months for me. I liked the holidays and all but I just didn't necessarily feel full of joy and fa-la-la. But this year, it is different. My heart is full of joy. I really do want to sing Christmas songs. I am enjoying the tree and house decorations. I am having fun baking. I even opted to cut my run short Saturday so I could have extra time with darling daughter doing seasonal stuff.

So what has changed? I have. Or more accurately, my perspective on things and life. 

It is so easy to see what you don't have and hope or dream for things I want but potentially can't have. Living in the middle of the Pacific away from family and friends can increase this negativity. I have spent many holidays away from my parents and sisters. Growing up we seemed to always have family in town, or were visiting family, so holidays were big...in terms of people. That just isn't the case any more. And perhaps it wasn't just yearning for family and friends to be close. How about a real Christmas tree? Or a real wreath? Or the budget to get all your family's desires?

Thing is, when you stop looking at what you don't have and start looking at what you do have you will see your life is quite full. In fact, it may be overflowing with gifts and blessings. As least, that is what I noticed when I opened my eyes.

Through daily gratitude and daily affirmation I am better able to see all the beauty in the world, and in myself. And I really do think that is the secret to happiness....seeing the good in life and making a positive impact whenever and wherever you can.

So yes, I don't have the same Christmas traditions as growing up. The table won't be surrounded by extended family. The house isn't wildly decorated outside. We aren't opening gifts on Christmas Eve after church. Nope, we will have a small dinner tonight, darling daughter gets one gift, and then to bed she goes. As a family we will open gifts in the morning and then dear hubby will go to work. I will pull out the slow cooker and make a pot roast dinner and all will be good.

I will still miss my family...especially my Dad. Seeing the good doesn't erase some sadness but it lets you feel their love and presence versus dwelling in negativity. In terms of what we do, nothing has changed over the past four years except for me. And I am thankful for that because this year I am seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. There is joy. There is hope. And there are promises of more splendid days to come.

And I look forward to more Christmases like the ones pictured below. And I will never forget the last Christmas shared with my Dad...via awesome technology!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for those who read my blog, support me, and remind me to stay on track with my posts.
Daily Affirmation: I have joy in my heart.


  1. Interesting post! I love it. Perspective.
    Cheers & Merry Christmas!!

  2. :) i love what i'm learning as I get older


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