Second Week of Marathon Taper - Done

Phew! Less than one week until the Honolulu Marathon and I am battling a cold, and thanks for the well wishes. I am not too concerned. I went to bed early last night, hydrating well, getting plenty of vitamin C, and just taking care of myself. I am confident I have time for this to run its course and for me to feel ready to go full steam! On the bright side, I did run my 2 miles slated for me yesterday. I was tempted to run just one mile but in all reality, sweating felt good and I just imagined all those nasty cold germs moving their way out of my body. It is a good way to pass the time!

Now on to my second week of tapering. On a side note, you can read about week 1 HERE. My goal for week 2 was to run 26.6-31.1 miles. That would put me at 60-70% of my mileage the week before taper started, which happened to be my highest mileage week in this training cycle.

Here is how it turned out:

Countdown to Xmas
Monday: 2.25 miles on home incline TM (pace 10'45")
Tuesday: 3.40 miles on home incline TM (pace 10'55")
Wednesday: 6.57 miles on gym TM (pace 9'53")
Thursday: 1.25 miles on home incline TM (pace 12'19")
Friday: 2.35 miles on gym TM (pace 10'10")
Saturday: 4.50 miles on gym TM (pace 10'12") immediately followed by 3.52 miles on gym TM (pace 9'55")
Sunday: 3.0 miles on incline TM (pace 11'53")

Total Miles: 26.84

How do I feel about this? Just peachy or as peachy as a sluggish, grouchy, tapering mom can feel! Yes, it was all on the treadmill but that is what life allowed this week. I am also happy that I found the time to run 6.57 miles mid-week and run my 8.02 miles on Saturday. I had to break up that run due to a pit stop and just chose to stop and restart my Nike+ app versus letting it hang on waiting. This is a definite plus over what I have done in previous tapers where I feel I had cut back too much in distance and intensity.

Amish Friendship Bread
Other things I have done this week include rearranging all the pictures on the house walls, baking bread, baking cookies, doing loads of laundry, beginning to get stuff together for the marathon, crafting (we painted our own countdown to Christmas tree on a box lid), working like crazy at my real job, and enjoying family time! And participating in HBBC! I truly love this challenge and the people involved. I know two weeks have passed but if you are not in on the fun and support, why not join us? It goes until January 5th so you have plenty of time to start establishing great habits while getting support throughout the festive holiday season. And please tell Amanda Life as a Running Mom sent you!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for well wishes and good night dreams.
Daily Affirmation: I am at peace with the universe.


  1. Another great week! I'm loving HBBC too. Eating a little better and getting my more cross training and stretching is awesome. Feeling like there are other people out there who will be "disappointed" if I don't do it is the best!

  2. That Amish bread looks awesome! I love stuff like that! I'm so glad youre taking care of yourself while this cold is upon u! Feel better soon!!! Spa <3


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