Last Minute {crafty} Gift Ideas

Last month I posted about 8 Affordable Gifts for Active People but what if that just doesn't work for you? What if time is running out? What if, oh my, someone slipped your mind? Don't worry....get crafty and create something special for them in essentially no time at all. And it is useful!

Create your own dry erase boards - and trust me, these are better and more beautiful than anything you can find in a store! All you need for each board is a picture frame (I liked 5"x7" for my gifts), scrapbook paper or other pretty paper, embellishments, scissors, and hot glue! Oh...and some dry erase pens if you want to include that in the gift!

I really do like to make gifts for people since I feel it is makes it extra special. I made these boards for my co-workers and darling daughter and I put a lot of thought into what scene and embellishments fit their personality.

And for me at home, a new dry erase menu board to hang on my kitchen wall! I used an 8"x10" frame to allow for a good amount of writing room. Much prettier than that boring white board I have been using. And darling daughter added the final touch by drawing a heart on each!

Simple and beautiful! And my first gift recipient was extremely happy and in love with her gift!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for little acts of kindness.
Daily Affirmation: I have an open mind.


  1. Great idea! I love homemade gifts, giving and receiving them.

  2. I LOVE this idea... so clever and what a great way to personalize a gift. Thanks so much. Now off to see who I can make these for....

  3. what an awesome idea! I wish I had that crafty niche!

  4. fun! now i'm still waiting on how to use those puree's!

    1. I am getting to it Amanda....I promise!


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