It's Official --- I have a cold

I want to talk tapering and running but frankly, I have a cold and am not feeling very happy about it.

Normally, when I get a cold I just "toss it to the side" and let it run its course without much of a worry in the world. This time I know I have a marathon on Sunday and that is just mere days away. However, I feel just long enough for this cold to run its course and me to be back to 110% in no time. But I am not just doing nothing this time. On the rare occasion, an ignored cold turns into a nasty chest thing for me and there is only one trick to kick its butt. I am going straight to kick its butt! That is, after suffering in silence yesterday.

Daily Gratitude: I am glad I have the cold now and not at the end of the week.
Daily Affirmation: I am committed to my goals and my success is assured. I will run well on Sunday!


  1. Hot tea with lemon. Sambucol. Lots of garlic and vitamin c and stat hydrated. Is it ok if I put you on my prayer list for this week???

    Get well, quick! :-)

  2. FEEL BETTER! sending you hugs and speedy get well soon thoughts

  3. Uggh. But, Tylenol cold is good stuff. Make sure to hydrate well too.

  4. Feel better soon!

  5. I hope everything turned out just fine for you! I am sure the race was great.

    But now comes the cold season again and I already had my share! If you feel it coming again, try drinking garlic tea or elderberry tea! They are easy to brew and they bring many health benefits. Give it a try if you need it!


  6. I hope your run went well despite the cold. I would normally recommend taking a rest, but it seems like you are a very healthy person (aside from the cold). You know your body pretty well. :)

    Norma Wood @ FamilyMedicineOfSouthBend.com/Physicians (Donald R Troyer, M.D.)


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