Honolulu Marathon: The Day Before


I will be writing my Honolulu Marathon race recap in a series of three posts: The Day Before, Race Day, and The Day After. I feel that is the best way to tell my whole story without an extensively long, confusing post. So today, let's talk the day before the marathon!

Since I went to the Expo on the Friday evening I had all day Saturday to be with my family. I try to make our racecations not just about me and my race but also fit in fun family activities. Dear hubby really wanted to go to Sea Life Park and darling daughter really wanted to see live dolphins so it seemed like this is what we were to do. Thing is, Sea Life Park can be hot and draining. I was racing the next day. So our plan was to head out early and I knew I needed to focus on hydration. But before getting the family day started I headed out for my final run.

Ala Moana Boat Harbor
Running streak day 345 and I ran an approximate 1.7 miles around the Ala Moana boat harbor. Since my Nike GPS was totally confused by all the tall buildings, the distance is an estimate but may have been more since I started out kinda fast. I was so happy to be running outside. And how do I know the GPS was wrong? Well, in just over a minute it congratulated me on completing a mile. Yeah right! But in its defense, once I began running in the more open zones it righted itself pretty well.

On our way to Sea Life Park we stopped to see the blowhole. Essentially, this is a hole in the lava rocks that when the waves hit just right, you see a "blow" of water shoot up through the hole. It is pretty cool and darling daughter was more impressed once she saw the action. Looking at rocks can be a bit draining for a little one when they are doing nothing.

Blowhole in front of crashing wave
Sea Life Park was indeed warm but not the worst it has been. We did take some time to watch a dolphin show in Japanese. I really didn't need to understand the dialogue and darling daughter was perfectly fine watching the dolphins. She also loved the playground and the sea lion show.

But it wasn't all cherries. I had a cough attack like none other. One that left me doubtful and questioning if I was crazy for wanting to run the next day. Essentially, as I was waiting for our food my head seemed to drain all at once and a tickle at the back of my throat triggered a major coughing fit. It also kind of felt like when you choke on your water. Please tell me darling daughter and I are not alone in this problem. Anyhow, the coughing pretty much knocked me off my feet and in hindsight I find it sadly amazing that someone can cough that violently and no one come to see what is up. Darling daughter did come running but more to tell me about something cool she saw. I tried to ask her to go get Daddy but words couldn't come out. I honestly felt like I was drowning and coughing at the same time. It was scary. It took awhile for things to settle down and it left me teary eyed and shaky. And doubtful. I felt frail.

Once back in the hotel room I sent darling daughter and dear hubby to the pool with the idea of me taking a much needed nap. I needed to sleep. I needed to get out of this mental funk. I needed to know what was best. And that is when I prayed for guidance on whether or not I should run with this cough. I asked for a clear sign. Dear hubby thought the cough was the sign and told me later, no, I shouldn't have run. I felt the cough was the question. I put the question out there to a running coach and he supported me running. But my main guidance was prayer. And I got no indication to not run. Just to NOT take the darn Mucinex again. And to run at a slower pace.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the power of prayer.
Daily Affirmation: My heart is capable of infinite love.

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