Honolulu Marathon - The Day After and Recovery

Thanks for all the congratulations on the new PR and all your support. I have been truly blessed this year and I feel I owe part of that to my new running mindset. By running daily I have learned to better listen to my body, to better incorporate recovery runs, and to rest. Yes, rest. I know, that may contradict with running daily but in all reality, a brief, slow mile does minimal impact on your body when compared to the zillion other things one may do on a rest day....such as mow the yard, housework, grocery shopping, playing with kids, etc. By running daily I have learned to really listen to my body, move it to get things flowing, and ease the pace or kick up my feet when needed. The end of last year I made the goal to run every day in 2012. I am almost there and no, I do not plan on stopping. Why not see if I can continue that streak throughout 2013? Because movement makes me feel good.

Now for part 3 of my marathon story that previously included The Day Before and Race Day.

After the Honolulu Marathon my family and I sat at the park for awhile before I was beginning to feel too warm and wanted to head back to our hotel. We then began the 2 mile walk and yes, I was moving slow and drinking water the whole time. I couldn't get back to the hotel room quick enough to get darling daughter and I changed and ready to go to the pool. She kept telling me it would be cold to begin with but I would get used to it. That sounded good. And yes, it was cold and while we played I focused on moving my legs and incorporating some stretches.

The Next Day
I started my day with a run and once again, I feel running daily truly does help my recovery. My legs felt a bit achy but got into the groove of running in no time, although I kept my pace very, very slow. I ran 1.5 miles and stretched, stretched, stretched before heading back to the family. As dear hubby went out for his run, darling daughter and I packed up our stuff so we were ready to go when he got back. And go means going to the zoo. We spent the day walking around the zoo looking at animals, and once again, I was drinking plenty of water and eating some ice. I did take a couple of sit down rest breaks but pretty much kept moving. By the time we got to the airport my legs were really feeling it and a couple of times I felt they were going to give out on me. I was exhausted but happy.

I continued to run low mileage but on Tuesday my pace returned to my normal training pace zone. Completely different from post Maui Marathon when I had a string of three very slow days. My legs were bouncing back. I never went through the "I can only do one step at a time" phase when going down stairs. I could go down normal, yet with aches. And within a matter of four days, my legs were 100% recovered. And that makes me happy.

Why the quick recovery? I can't contribute it solely to the running streak as I had that with me in September too. I really think the walk back to the hotel and walking all day Monday may have helped. Or perhaps that hour or so in the pool. And hey, running a marathon and not feeling like death started me out on the right foot.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for blue skies and white fluffy clouds.
Daily Affirmation: I can use my sense of humor to turn things around.

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  1. So glad you recovered so quickly. Maybe your body is just learning how to recover faster like it's learning how to run faster.


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