Good Bye 2012

2012 was an awesome year! But I am not doing my year-end review today. Why? Because the day isn't over. I still have 12 hours and 9 minutes to do more...if I choose to do more. I am not planning on it but I am not counting it out by writing up my review right now. Sorry gang, you are just going to have to wait!

But today started off fantastically! And that is after going to bed grouchy last night as my left hip is achy and my neck is tight...which left me hurting pretty much everywhere. As I cuddled in bed I contemplated how I hurt from the center of my bones to the surface of my skin. I didn't feel good and hoped the chiropractor was going to be open the following morning (now today). My gut instinct....I need to be adjusted.

After eating breakfast and doing some housecleaning, darling daughter and I headed to the gym. I called the chiropractor, she was closed. And not just for today, my original fear, but until Friday. Bummer....drats....shucks!

No worries, my plan was to run so I was going to run. After a little more bonding time with darling daughter I dropped her off at the Kids' Club and headed to my trusty treadmill. Yes, I do have one or two favorites but don't tell the rest. My original goal was to run an hour but then I remembered one of my ideas for running streak day 365 and thought, this is the perfect time! Darling daughter is running around playing in the Kids' Club (I can see her from the treadmills) and I have up to two hours of child care. Therefore, the goal changed to run 3.66 miles for 2012 immediately followed by 3.65 miles for 2013, the end result is 7.31 miles. I ran at an easy pace and resisted all temptations to pick it up as it was to be an easy run day.

Now for 3 very cool gym moments:
  1. While doing some brief stretches before my run my left hip did a little pop. Oh yes, this may be just what the doctor ordered to get that joint back in place. Only time will tell but perhaps I won't be seeing the chiropractor this week. 
  2. I got to see a guy hop on the treadmill next to me do three very brief (probably about 8-10 seconds) at a pace of 15.0. I had to look due to the noise!
  3. How can you not be stoked to see a Dad showing off his baby boy to others at the gym? Darling!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for all the blessings in my life.
Daily Affirmation: I am choosing a feeling of balance in my life.

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  1. I'm so impressed with your run streak! It's been a great year for you. Hopefully your hip popping was what you needed. I don't know how anyone can run at 15 mph! I wonder fast that guy can run a mile. Have a good new year and cheers to 2013!


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