Treadmill Workout - 4.0 mile speed play

First before I start talking running I need to talk gratitude. I know that is usually reserved for the end of my posts but today it is coming up front and center. I am so thankful for each one of you and your support, encouragement, and honesty in your comments and/or posts. It truly does make a positive impact in the world and for that I am beyond gratitude. So to stay on track, my daily affirmation for all of us is: We are worthy!

Mom, no more pictures!
Now onto some running! One of my greatest passions in life and just the other day darling daughter touched on this when we were playing and she proclaimed, "My mommy loves to run. She runs, runs, runs, runs....everyday she runs!" So very true and I kinda caught her off guard when I asked her if she knew what I loved more than running. She was dumbfounded but then grinned from ear to ear when I told her, "you" and it is true. My family is so dear to me and she is a treasure I thank God for everyday.

And that is one reason why it can be so darn hard to get out of bed and leave the comfort of my home and family to go run at the gym before work. As much as I love to run, it can be gut wrenching some days to "sneak away" from the family. Today was one of those days and that left me with less running time than I hoped for. I really need to stop stalling like this.

Now I could have taken my time and ran the easy run that I was supposed to do and just accept less miles but my restless running legs didn't want that. And then I convinced my mind that some speed play would be perfectly fine today, and perhaps better than tomorrow, as I have a "race" on Saturday. Please note, I say "race" because my goal isn't really to "race" it at full effort but use it as a marathon training run. 

When I made up my mind to do some speed play I really didn't have a plan in mind. Go figure, the running mom blogger who posts treadmill workout ideas had no plan?! Yep, it is true but out of this spontaneity came a great run that I loved so much I wanted to not only do again but share!

Introducing the 4.0 Mile Speed Play Treadmill Workout! You can see more on my TM Running Page

You can see it above in a nutshell but I always love to include a post that talks about the run, not just list what to do.

Most of the workouts I share I try not to target a specific pace as I want them to be adopted by other runners who can easily input their speeds...and perhaps not feel too slow or too fast for a plan. But for this one, I need to go by the actual speeds so all can get to the 4.0 mile mark. Of course, feel free to adjust as you like. This is just an idea.

Still dark when I get to work
I started my run at 6.2 and it was during this warm-up that the framework began to formulate. I ran at this pace for 0.5 miles and then increased my pace to 7.5 with the goal to run 1.0 mile at my training speed pace of 8'00". It was hard but doable. I then recovered at 6.0 for 0.25 miles and knew I wanted to up the pace for the next mile. I ran at 8.0 for 1.0 mile to see if I could do it. I maintained the 7'30" pace and it was hard but I was determined. I recovered at 6.0 for 0.25 miles and had the crazy idea to up the pace even more, but to be smart and do a short distance plus time was running out. I ran at 8.5 for 0.25 miles and woah! That felt good and tough. I knew I was making my legs work in a different way and that always makes me happy. I recovered for 0.25 miles at 6.0. And then I entered my cool-down mode and ran the final 0.5 miles at 6.2. Okay, many may cool down by going slower but I was feeling good, I wasn't increasing the pace out of my easy pace range, and it just feels good to end on an upbeat.

Once at work I could tell my legs did get a good workout by how they felt going up and down the stairs but I am not dying. I am good to run again tomorrow and perhaps I may be good and get up early enough to get more miles in. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.......

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