October 2012 Training Report

I can be my worst enemy when I am not being my best motivator. And to be honest, it can be a stream of low mileage runs that gets me down or second guessing myself when I am in "training mode". I was actually feeling very discouraged last week and then I bit the bullet and looked at this....

All of a sudden what seemed sad looked more hopeful. Life is truly about perspective and how you look at things. And if I don't take the time each month to reflect back honestly on my training I can become really hard on myself.

Pushing It on an Incline
But before I really get into what I have been doing, let's address what I have been feeling. Tired. Discouraged. Uncertain. Kinda Scared. And essentially, this feeling has been plaguing me for awhile since I wrote this post on Uncertainties at the beginning of October. However, it may be time to put what "Daniel Tiger" says into action and turn a "negative" around into a positive. (Please remember, I am a mom of a preschooler and in case you don't know, Daniel Tiger is the host of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which has a shocking resemblance to Mister Roger's Neighborhood...which is due to the parent company but I am digressing.) The "negative" is where I feel my training miles and training are. I need to stop looking at what I haven't done but focus on what I have done. And when I saw that diagram up there a few days ago my instant response was "Wow! I jumped from 88 miles to 144 miles!".

And this is the positive I need to focus on. Yes, I haven't hit each training run. Yes, I haven't hit each long run. But yes, I have increased my miles from September to October by about 56 miles. That is a 63% increase....and may will not be the type of increase you will read about in running books about smart training. But it is in par with what I was running in the months leading up to September (and September contained taper, marathon, and recovery). So I really should be happy with how I am running and progressing.

Been rolling more!
But now let's look at how I am doing in comparison to the goals I set for October. 

  • To squash that voice of negativity and doubt in my mind and to believe in myself - umm....still working on it.
  • To run daily according to my training plan - hmmm....I ran daily but not according to plan. And October 31st marked day 307 of my running streak. Woo-Hoo!
  • To #plankaday - chuckling here as my last plank was on October 22nd and it was sporadic before then.

Now how much of this really, truly matters?

Goal 1: Being positive. Yes, this one does matter and it is a work in progress.
Goal 2: Running daily matters to me. I am doing it. Running according to plan....I will when I can but I honestly must listen to my body. More on that to come in a future post on Pushing It.
Goal 3: To #plankaday....I am not sure. It was something I added to increase my overall fitness. I thought I could squeeze in a least a minute, and I could, but I am pondering other cross-training, core-building elements that I can add it that may be fun to do with darling daughter. Any suggestions?

So what are my November goals?

  • Find my positive and keep it more to the forefront. Use the voice of negativity to find my inner strength.
  • Run daily.
  • Participate in two races as training runs. Be smart. Run well but don't focus on time. Focus on fun.
  • Run a 20-mile training run. I have read one 16-mile training run with marathons 12-weeks apart is sufficient, and I have done that, but I would still like the 20-miles for my peace of mind if I am able to smartly fit it into my training. 
  • Set SMART goals for myself in the Honolulu Marathon.
  • Participate in the HBBC at Run to the Finish. Will you join me?
P.S. And that fatigue that has had me doubting myself and my energy levels....it is probably just a natural side-effect of my training and increase in mileage not a sign of weakness.

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for numbers.
Daily Affirmation: I sleep in peace, and I wake in joy.


  1. October must be the month of self doubt. Glad to see your trying to focus on the positive and move forward. I think a little doubt is a good way to really give ourselves that second look that we need to make sure we are doing the things we need/want to reach all the goals we have in running and life.

  2. I see a lot of other people with not so good Octobers, mine wasn't all that great either, but yours really looks pretty good! Good luck with your November goals, they look like great ones. I would want to get in a 20 mile long run too.

  3. I think your October looks very good! I think it is important for my self-confidence and esteem, to look at the positives FIRST and reinforce THAT, before I look at what I could have done differently/better. Positive self talk is just so darned important... to me anyway.

    Here is to a great November, and perhaps just some active play time with your daughter. Playing catch or tag?

  4. Your October looks great! We are always are biggest critics but be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you did!


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