8 Affordable Gifts for Active People

I know my family isn't the only family that tries to incorporate holiday giving into our tight budgets. Fortunately, we all see things the same way and the whole family focuses more on giving to the younger children as this is where the real magic is. But I can't help feeling bad for the older kids and adults at times. But do not fear! There is a way to show them you care while not breaking the bank!

Here are my holiday gift suggestions for the active people in your life. Now, we all know I am slanted towards running but I do honestly feel some of these items will be awesome for those who love other sports as well....and they are all affordable!

1. Body Glide - This gift doesn't cost much, approximately $9 per bottle, but trust me, the recipient will be greatly appreciative of protecting their delicate areas from chafing. You can never really have too much Body Glide and I often carry one in my purse for at the gym and keep one at home for other runs. Want to make it extra special for the ladies in your life? Get the pink bottle! And it fits great in a stocking!

2. Bondi Bands - I am in complete love with this product. I know there are other brands that stay in place. I have tried them all but come back to Bondi Bands for one primary reason....the wicking property! I love that added bonus and hey, the catchy phrases can make me feel strong! This is another inexpensive product with heavy wicking bands (with sayings) starting at $8 and they often have sales! They have other interesting products in their line-up but I haven't tried them personally but would love to hear what you think....especially about the wicking pony hat! Sounds cool in cooler weather. You can read more about my thoughts on Bondi Bands HERE.

3. GU Gel - I know part of me would love to find more realistic, true food for my nutrition on long runs but I keep going back to GU gel because it works. My body is able to absorb it and keep on running without complaint and this makes a wonderful gift for any endurance athlete in your life. The price starts around $1.59 per gel (at least here in Hawaii) and personally, vanilla is dear hubby's and my favorite. I recently bought the entire stock at our local sports store...but that was only 8 gels...so I turn to ordering online. Through amazon I discovered Vitacost, a great supplier of GU gels and other cool treats!

4. Protein Powder - Another essential in my household and yes, it would be a greatly appreciated gift! Especially ProSource NytroWhey! You can read my review HERE. I really love how this powder mixes and tastes and even though their website says the retail price is $55.90 I often see it on sale for $27.95...and almost tempted to say always. Why oh why don't I just break down and order some today?!

Dear hubby has the bottle
5. Nathan Handheld Water Bottle - This is a given for hydration on the go, especially for those who can't quite carry packs yet....or are too afraid of the chafing. In fact, Nathan makes hydration packs to wear around your hips and even though I don't like them as they bounce too much, it may be perfect for someone you love. I personally adore the QuickDraw models and for this gift, you may be getting closer to the $30 range.

6. Clean Bottle - I WANT this bottle! Truly I do! But I haven't purchased one since I have 3 Nathan bottles and one handheld carrier. What more do I need? But if I were to receive this as a gift I would be one happy runner! Why am I drawn to it? Simply because the bottom screws off for better cleaning! Who wouldn't like that? The bottle is $29.85 but as I looked today, I see they are having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Perhaps you have lots of active people in your life!

7. ShowerPill - This product I recently fell in love with and you can read my review HERE. At tops it sells for $14.99 for a pack of 10 wipes but I see it going for $9.99 on amazon.com. And in conjunction with my product review, they are offering my readers a special coupon code for orders placed from 11/23/12-11/25/12. Just hop over HERE to get the code for the buy 2 get 1 FREE deal! And yes, I will be stocking up for myself and to stuff stockings with!

8. fitbook - This is truly a great tool for monitoring your fitness/health journey. If I could have one every day of my life, I would, but often the money that could be spent on this goes to other necessities in my house. But it makes a perfect gift! One book is $22.95 but you can save some if you buy 4. Plus there is a junior version that I am sure darling daughter will love when she gets a bit older. You can read a bit more on fitbook HERE. I always log my runs, in multiple places, but I love that this book allows me to easily add in what I eat...and I truly did focus on that throughout my training for marathon #2!

But in our home, dear hubby and I will most likely be swapping running shoes....the gift of necessity as we both need a new pair!


  1. i would love the gels and the fitbook! they seem awesome! (:

  2. Definitely great ideas...for me! :)

  3. Nice list! Everything looks like something I'd like to see in my stocking!

  4. Good list. I would also want annual park passes and race entries. Tell Santa if ya see him.

  5. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I would love, love, love a fitbook. I found one at Target but it turned out it was the one for pregnancy. Sad face. Maybe Santa will bring it.


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