First Week of Marathon Taper - Done

On December 9th I am running my third marathon. My first was in September 2011 and my second was this past September, in which I PR'd but it was a hard run....mentally and physically.

With just a few months between marathons my training this cycle has seemed very odd to me. I had a few weeks to recovery, a few to build, and now it is time to taper. I am also trying a new twist to this round of tapering, which leaves me running a bit more and still pushing it a bit. I feel I backed off perhaps a bit too much during my last taper.

So first let's review my taper plan. I am doing a three-week taper with 80-90% of my weekly miles in week 1, 60-70% in week 2, and 50% in week 3. I am basing my calculations on the 44.44 mile week I had in the final week of building up. In addition, I am doing a little twist in week 3 but I will get back to that in a moment.

To put things in miles, my plan was to run 35.6-40 miles this week, 26.6-31.1 miles next week, and not more than 22 miles pre-race. This is the hiccup part. The way my running week goes, Monday to Sunday, it puts my marathon on the last day of my running week. So if I add those miles in and run 22 miles in week 3, that would be a 48.2 mile week. I don't think that is necessarily smart as my highest training week this marathon cycle was 44.44 miles.. If I do 30%, a final week taper suggestion I also read, that would be 13.3 miles the final week in the days leading up to the marathon bringing me to a total mileage of 39.5. I like that better. It is just a gut feeling.

How did I do this week?

I ended up running 36.18 miles and am happy with that. I also feel a bit of edginess coming on but in all reality, there is a hormonal element contributing as well. My body is feeling achy, heavy, and somewhat lethargic but I still manage to pull off some awesomeness at the oddest times. In all reality, I think I am okay and feeling what I should. But here is what my running looks liked in a nutshell:

Monday: 2.25 miles on gym TM (pace 9'18")
Tuesday: 3.0 miles on gym TM (pace 10'01")
Wednesday: 3.0 miles on gym TM (pace 10'01"), 2.5 miles on home incline TM (pace 12'14")
Thursday: 9.61 miles outside (pace 7'50")
Friday: 1.24 miles outside (pace 9'33")
Saturday: 6.22 miles on gym TM (pace 10'14"), 3.1 miles on home incline TM (pace 12'03")
Sunday: 5.26 miles on home incline TM (pace 11'40")

And I can't say I have been resting since I am extremely busy at work, have been playing with darling daughter, attending parties, and decorating for Christmas! Oh yeah, and add in a bit of holiday shopping.

I am also participating in HBBC, hosted by Run to the Finish, and it is helping me stay focused on eating more fruits and veggies and only eating sweet indulgences I really do love. So no birthday cake. No pie. But I will take a bit of that delicious fudge please!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for holiday sales and great customer service.
Daily Affirmation: I am capable and worthy.


  1. Great job getting your miles in this week! You'll do great at your marathon!

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Sounds like your training is going well. I run on the treadmill a lot but am only up to three miles. Do you listen to music or watch tv on the TM?

    I can't wait to see how your race goes. So motivating!

    1. Most of my TM runs at the gym have music. At home, often my earplugs are out so I can hear darling daughter. She often has the TV on but I tend to try to tune out the sound of some of the cartoons as they are not always good to run to. Although a good movie neither of us have seen is nice and Pocahontas has some good running tunes....but I just love the message in that movie.


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