Achy, achy taper aches

9 days until the Honolulu Marathon! If you envision me sitting with my feet propped up, drinking a nice hot tea, and relaxing while looking over course maps you are absolutely crazy. Although, in some regards I wish I could do that. But instead...I am aching and pretty much everywhere. Okay, that isn't true, just everywhere below my waist!

This is my third taper and if you count in those many recovery weeks, I know this is normal. I begin to ache everywhere and logically I know it is because my body is rebuilding, getting stronger, and hydrating since I am drinking plenty of fluids. Personally, I go for the iced tea, unsweetened please...it's a Texas thing.

For my readers who are experienced with longer runs and tapering, you also know this is normal. If you are new to longer distances or embarking on your first taper, don't panic when you start to ache more or in new places. Recognize it as part of the healing process and more free time to worry about every little ache. Such as that ache in my foot when I got home yesterday evening. Instant thought - oh my! Did I hurt my foot somehow? Will I be okay? It lingered in my mind nagging me until I got distracted by playing with darling daughter, going out to family movie night, and alas...my foot is fine. Doesn't ache a wink. Well, until I started thinking about it and wondering and then hmmm....perhaps an ache there? But hey, if you are looking for an ache, you will find it. Forget it!

So what do I do? Well, a nice soak in the tub is good but mainly for relaxing my mind. Trying to stretch a little extra and perhaps some foam rolling. And no one can underestimate good old fashioned sleep. Yep, running less means I convert that time I would be running to sleeping time. Perhaps not minute to minute but I am enjoying the extra sleep, and cuddles, with darling daughter. And most importantly, don't panic! Now is the time to have trust in the training done, visualize hurdles and how to successfully overcome them, review the course map, commit to your plan, and have faith!

How do you combat the achy, achy aches of taper/recovery?

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for free family movie nights at our local public library. It was a smashing good time!
Daily Affirmation: My mind is strong. My will is strong. I am strong.


  1. Nice hot bath, stretching, foam roller, and sleep! Great tips! -You got this!!

  2. I would welcome a long hot soak in epsom salts!

  3. Agree with Elle and Lisa above! The taper crazies are so...crazy! It's good you know what to expect and that it's normal. My first marathon was the Honolulu...you're going to love it!


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