I still need to do my official September in review but can't seem to wrap my mind around it after seeing this.....my monthly totals.

First, I do realize I ran a marathon in September, had taper, and had recovery time. I also ran more miles this September versus last September.....I am thinking somewhere near 20 but my feeling of dread, uncertainty, nerves, etc. is preventing me from analyzing more as I give myself pep talks.

What is my concern, I have October and November to train for the marathon on December 9th. My miles aren't where they were two months out from the Maui Marathon. And I think this is okay but like I said, I need to do a few more pep talks before I really get down and dirty with my analysis and October goals.

And for the second element, I can't really compare the next two months against last year's October and November due to that broken toe way back then. Hmmmmm......I never did go for the final follow-up x-ray.....

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for pipes that don't leak.
Daily Affirmation: I will find my confidence through prayer and self reflection.


  1. you still did great with your miles and with your run streak. My running miles were way down in September too, kind of bugs me, but there is always next month! :)

  2. I think you are doing great! You have run so many days in a row, and that is AMAZING!

    You'll get this next marathon!

  3. Holy Hannah! Look at your overall year so far! Awesome.

  4. I think this is totally normal for a month with a marathon! You're doing great!


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