September 2012 Training Report

This past September was a crazy training month as it included my taper for the Maui Marathon (marathon #2 for me, read about it HERE), recovery, and initiating training for the Honolulu Marathon (which I will be running in December). It has also been an emotional roller coaster for me and thank you so much for your support as I got my head out of the grey clouds and back into the sunshine of running!

So how did I do in terms of miles? Well, let's look.

Check out September 2011

And here is September 2012

I know in an earlier post I wrote about my uncertainties with lower mileage in September just in terms of where I feel I should be number wise two months out from another marathon but in all reality, I am happy with what I did last month. I ran 21.3 more miles this year, had over 3 more hours on my feet, and ran everyday this September versus just 17 last September. September 30th marked day 276 of my running streak. For all of that I should be proud and pat myself on the back versus feeling bad I had less than 100 miles....blah, blah, blah.

But how did I do in regards to my September goals? Let's look!
  • Run awesome at the Maui Marathon! - Success! I set a new PR for myself and learned I can push hard.
  • Continue to #plankaday. - Hmmmm.....I have been slacking a bit here but am working hard on making it daily again.
  • Begin training for the Honolulu Marathon by establishing and posting my training calendar. DONE! You can view the training calendar HERE.

My October Goals:
  • To squash that voice of negativity and doubt in my mind and increase my belief in myself. 
  • To run daily according to my training plan.
  • To #plankaday.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for hearing from my big sis yesterday!
Daily Affirmation: I am dynamic, full of energy, and passionate about what I do.


  1. Looks like September was a great month! Congrats on your PR!

  2. awesome jobs with your september goals.. keep up the great work!

  3. You're doing awesome girl! I am soo impressed with your running streak! So amazing!!!

  4. You continue to inspire and amaze me! I wish you only great things in October!

  5. Great job on your PR and awesome September :-)


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