Fall Break Vacation

I feel like it was just yesterday that darling daughter returned to school but yet, this week is Fall Break. And I did something indulgent....I took the whole week off of work! I can't do this for all of her school breaks and holidays as her preschool has a ton but we are both excited about our 9 days together!!! And to think, we are already on day 3.....time goes by too quickly.

We have gone to the dentist and need to return. It seems she has a teeny cavity deep in the pits. The dentist even stated it is so deep that it is near impossible to get the toothbrush to reach it. That really doesn't make me happy. And one of my fillings cracked and he needs to fix that....and that one is at no charge so that makes me happy.

We had some family fun at the county fair and I can't wait until next year! We even took the time to explore everything this year including the veggies and flowers. Darling daughter loved the pumpkins! We will be going to the pumpkin patch soon too as I need to grab some for pureeing and cooking with. And every family needs a jack-o-lantern....or two. I love Halloween!

We had a family day at the beach. This is one of dear hubby's favorite things to do but darling daughter and I don't love it quite as much. We don't dislike it either. So we set ourselves up for success by me prepping her with the idea, promising Halloween decorating later in the day, and me running at a new spot before going to the beach!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for a day at the beach that wasn't too hot!
Daily Affirmation: I grow stronger with each run.


  1. Darn cavities! My kids both had a small one last time I took them to the dentist.

    Enjoy your time off with your daughter!

  2. glad you got to take a break and just enjoy family time!


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